All About Felix Ever After By Kacen Callender.

Want To Read A Book That Tackles Heavier Subjects With Brilliance And Empathy? Read Felix Ever After By Kacen Callender.

Felix Ever After, published in May 2020, has quickly become one of the most important works of today’s generation. Not only emphatic but also brilliant with the perspective it provides, this book is like a kind shoulder that will help you out in your dark times. Having self-esteem issues myself, This book completely changed my life, as well as my perspective on many things. Young adult or not, This novel caters to all types of readers. It marks an important work that will not only give you a confidence boost but make you realize the importance of self-acceptance.

This book left me impressed with how it tackled heavier topics like family issues, as well as dealing with lack of confidence. It was realistic, compassionate, and relatable all at once. No matter what type of a reader you are, This novel has something to offer everyone. And that something is Empathy.

Felix ever after

The Basic Premise Of The Novel:-

This novel is set in modern-day New York, and it follows our main character, Felix. Felix Love has never been in Love, and yes, he is painfully aware of the irony. A want to find out what it is like to be in love, would turn out to be confusing and chaotic, which wasn’t something he had bargained for. Being black and queer as well as identifying himself as a transgender male, He feels that, he is marginalizing too many. Having friends like Ezra and all the others, this book has a lot of diverse characters, representing the LGBTQ+ community.

How Does The Novel Start?

Going to his classes this one morning, he and his friends come across some of Felix’s pictures that were displayed in an art gallery for everyone to see. When an anonymous student starts sending him transphobic insults after publicly releasing Felix’s dead name along with photos of him before he transitioned, Felix devises a plan of retaliation. What he didn’t expect was that his fishy scenario would place him in a love triangle.

Family Dynamics:-

Felix was 10 years of age when his mother left him. Felix was 12 when he emailed his mom that he was gay, and she never texted him back. Now he is 17, and he has 473 unsent messages in his draft that he has never sent his mother. The reality of this crushed me. To see someone wanting that love and feeling despair for not getting it back. It’s a tough thing to grasp that the person who should have taken care of you, leaves you feeling alone and unworthy. We certainly see it by reading this quote from the book.

“But it took me a little longer to figure out that just because I love her, doesn’t mean it’s a good kind of love. It can be easier, sometimes, to choose to love someone you know won’t return your feelings. At least you know how that will end. It’s easier to accept hurt and pain, sometimes, than love and acceptance. It’s the real, loving relationships that can be the scariest” -Dad”

Kacen Callender

“My dad is hardcore Catholic. I used to hope that he’d decide to change his mind—that he could accept me, because I was his [child]. And then I’d laugh at myself. Like, how fucking arrogant is that? Expecting my dad to love me more than he loves God.”

– Kacen Callender

The second quote written from Felix’s perspective showcases his feelings of unworthiness and lack of self-esteem. His father, not being able to use proper synonyms made him feel like, his dad wasn’t accepting him fully. This topic is evident throughout the book. Because of everything that he went through, Felix was left apprehensive with his art. Trying to find happiness and confidence needs self-acceptance, which was a beautiful message given by the author. This novel really tackles these issues sensibly, while giving us an insight into why Felix was feeling that way in the first place.

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Main Character:-

Reading this book was like a whirlwind of emotions. It was a book packed with self-realization. I was able to see snippets of myself in Felix, which made my experience personal and real. Felix was an exceptional character whose growth we see throughout the book. If there is any novel that does character development well, then it would be this one. I adored the character’s personality and admired him for how honest he was with his emotions. I was swooning while reading about Felix and all his bouts of mirth.

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Discussion on Labels:-

This Book puts an emphasis on why not having a label in gender and queer identity is acceptable and normal. It also notes that they might be vital to many individuals and could provide a feeling of clarity to them. It might give them a sense that they are not alone. Sometimes, despite the fact that queer spaces are important, It recognizes how daunting and overwhelming they can be.

The Ending:-

Felix discovers that he is a Demi boy. He knew that he isn’t a girl but then the term ‘boy’, didn’t seem to fit him right either. After a journey of doubting himself and discovering that he in fact is a Demi Boy, it was a moment of clarification. It felt as though, all the puzzles fit right. The ending felt uncomplicated and smooth. It was such happiness that I felt to find that Felix was finally at peace with his gender identity.

Representation: The main character (own voices), Black queer Demi boy with biracial Black Bengali LI, homosexual Black biracial significant character, lesbian prominent characters, gay prominent character.

Trigger warning: homophobia, transphobia, racism, parental abuse and neglect, frequent drug and alcohol use are all examples of content warnings.

To end with, This book has taught me one important thing. Even though the world might not be as welcoming towards the queer community, their pride and their confidence sets them to their journey of love happiness and  self acceptance._____________________________________

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