Window Shopping By Tessa Bailey Book Review

Window Shopping By Tessa Bailey, A Holiday Romance, Featuring An Ex-Convict Falling In Love With Her Complete Opposite.

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Release date:- 19 October 2021|  Genre:- Romance, Contemporary romance| Page count:- 258| Publisher:- Lauren Whelan|

 window shopping by tessa bailey book review
Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey is a rom-com novel, published on 19th October 2021. It is set a couple of weeks before Christmas eve, making it the perfect read for holidays. 
Aiden and Stella met outside of the store Vivant for the first time. Both intently looked at the store’s window decoration, while bickering with each other for ten minutes straight.
They are both opposites in every way possible. She wears an all-black outfit whereas he wore a candy cane bow tie the first time she met him. He is goofy and talks about aunt Edna more than anyone, she is good at passing judgy vibes, and avoiding people at great lengths. Yet they both feel a gravity towards each other from the first time they met.
No one had been successful in making Stella’s stomach flip until she sees Aiden’s smile for the first time outside the store.
Standing outside the decorated window of Vivant made Aiden ask for Stella’s opinion. A laugh bubbles out when she calls robotic penguins decorated as the penguin Chernobyl. And when asked her opinion on how she would decorate it, Stella did not expect to leave an impression on Aiden. Nor did she expect that Aiden would turn out to be the general manager of the store Vivant.
So now, Aiden wants to hire her. Except Stella has quite a secret. And that secret should have sent Aiden running for the hills. Stella is an ex-convict, And she was in jail for a crime she does not deny committing.
But there is nothing in this world that will stop Aiden from trusting his instincts. And it tells him to keep Stella close and never let her go. Except there’s another problem. They are both soon working together, Vivant’s board consists of his father and grandmother, and Stella is not ready to sign a love contract. And the growing attraction between is a problem that is the loudest of all.

Book Review On Window Shopping By Tessa Bailey:-

After reading Tessa Bailey’s other novels like ‘It happened one summer ‘, I have started to pick a theme with the characters she writes. The love interest ‘Aiden’ is dominating and yet kind-hearted and sweet in nature. Stells felt like a better version of the main character in her other novel, ‘Fix her up’
Like any other novel by the author, this book also had an instant romance theme, where we see both these characters feeling attraction right from the beginning. The chapters for this novel are medium long, though the book is easy to read. The novel is fast-paced, and the story proceeds steadily. We can feel the holiday energy from the setting. The characters provide a warm embrace from events like the cold environment, gift swapping, and the Christmas window decoration.
Along with that, The side characters Jordyn and Seamus have their own budding romance. And with these sweet moments, we also see steam and chemistry rising between Aiden and Stella. We can call this a part erotica- and part romance novel.
I wish the author would have paid more attention to one or two issues rather than adding too many. More details about Stella’s time in prison could have been an interesting add-on. The author could have paid more attention to the Christmas aspect of the novel.
Window Shopping was engrossing, entertaining and a quick read, having an opposites-attract trope. Though, If you tend to not like books with possessive characters, then this might not be for you.

Stella And Nicole:- (Spoilers on the crime)

Stella and Nicole were best friends, And they grew up with each other and rebelled together until the incident of armed robbery. They believed that they had fake guns when they arrived at a friend’s workplace to rob them. Only, the guns were in fact real, and in a surprising turn of events, the owner of the store shot his gun at Nicole in defense. In a frenzy, without realizing it, Nicole shot back, leading to chaos that she ran away from. Stella, having the conscious to not leave due to the owner bleeding, stops and saves him, which ends up getting her and Nicole caught.

Does Stella Sign The Love Contract?

Stella at first refused to sign the contract with the H.R, as it felt like a big decision. but later when Aiden stands up for her in the diamond earring fiasco, she realizes her feelings & agrees to sign the contract and be in a relationship with him. Stella being wrongly accused of stealing the diamond earrings leads to Mrs. Bunting getting fired.

The Ending Of The Window Shopping:-

In the end, Nicole gets released on parole, and she meets Stella outside of Vivant on Christmas evening. At first, Nicole is not happy with Stella lying and makes a few crude remarks, but having had enough of it, Stella stands up for herself. She puts up boundaries and communicates them, but she also promises to help Nicole get her footing. Stella returns back to Aiden. They get a happy ending and they are both engaged after a year. Stella has also cleared her misunderstanding with her parents in the epilogue.

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