‘The Love Hypothesis By Ali Hazelwood’ – a Cute And Funny Academic Romance, Featuring An Opposites Attract Trope!

The Love Hypothesis By Ali Hazelwood is probably the most anticipated novel in the year 2021. It was hard to miss the publishing of it, as the novel was getting a lot of buzz on Instagram, YouTube, and Goodreads.  I was interested to know what the hype is about. And now that I have read it, I have realized that this rom-com, with an opposites, attract trope, is the sweetest thing that exists in the reading world

The Love hypothesis

Published:- 14th September 2021

Pages:- 348

Genre:- Rom-Com.

The Trope Of The Novel:-

Adam Carlsen- The Hotshot scientist, Well known ass towards his students, Is also the guy Olive kissed on an impulse.

Olive Smith is a researcher and a scientist. She is also currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Stanford University. As a science student. she believes in facts and relies on evidence. And, evidence from her past experience tells her to not get close to a person. As love is a sure shot way to get you heartbroken.
By now, you might have realized this. This story is, particularly about Adam and Olive. Two people who are very much opposites. While he likes his coffee as bitter and dark as possible, Olive prefers it with creamer and sugar. She is bright and all smiles, Adam is grumpy, tight-lipped, and requires excellence from his students. While she likes to eat chocolate, He absolutely loathes them.
What they did not expect was that a chance encounter and fake pretense, will prove it, that there’s a possibility for opposites to attract.
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Premise OF The Novel:-

This book features our protagonist Olive, Who is carrying out her own research on pancreatic cancer. She’s also the one whose ex-boyfriend/ex-date Jeremy, has asked her best friend Anh, on a date. Yikes! But hold up, That’s not the issue. Her best friend refuses to go on the date because she thinks it might hurt Olives’ feelings. Also, she does not want to break the girl code. Even if Olive has moved on from the guy.
So now, What does Olive do? She pretends that she is on a date, only to kiss the first and the only guy that she sees. The guy being Adam Carlsen, The infamous scientist Known for his tyrant ways.
Of course, the story does not end here! Innocent Olive gets herself more involved, By having a fake relationship with him, to prove to Anh (Her Bestfriend) That she does not like Jeremy (Her Ex-Date). It’s a mess.
However, Olive is wary and disbelieving of true love. She does not realize that the façade of dating, even after guarding her heart, does not guarantee platonic feelings. How long were rules like No touching, and not going to each others’ parents’ house, was going to save her from catching feelings? How can she even resist when Adam has a sweet, caring, and fiercely supportive side to him? And how can she stop feeling the pull of attraction, when Adam has an unyielding… six-pack that is worth looking at?
Inevitably, 10 mins coffee dates on Wednesday were enough for her to catch feelings. Suddenly, this whole fake dating . . . thing comes with a dangerous possibility. The possibility of her biggest nightmare, of finding true love.

Book Review:-

The love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood grips its readers with charm, laughter, And fun moments sprinkled on every page. It is best for readers, looking for a lighthearted read. I wish we had more context on what Olive’s mother was like. But Apart from that, This book stole my heart by creating a close to perfect character like Adam. Fans of Sally Thorne’s Second first impression should pick this one. If you like the opposites attract trope, Then you will love this one.

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Olive As A Character:-

Olive has no one except for two people. Her best friend Anh, And her roommate Malcolm. Due to her mother dying of pancreatic cancer, Olive is determined to get into Stanford University for her Ph.D. program. The reason behind going to academia was to find a way by which Pancreatic cancer can be detected at an early stage and at a lower cost.

Olive was the sweetest character written. These moments of her having realization of self-worth added to the character development. It does not go in-depth, about her mother’s illness, Which makes it lighthearted to read. Apart from being kind, There were times where she stood up for herself, showing her bravery. And the heights to which she would go to, to make her friends feel comfortable, added to my liking of her.
Apart from the romance plot, I also liked the friendship dynamic between Anh, Malcolm, And Olive. It was refreshing to see how supportive they were towards each other. This book made me laugh in some moments and cry in others.

How Do Olive And Adam Meet?  (Spoilers)

Olive believes that the first time she met Adam was during their first kiss. But in reality, the first time they both met was in Adams’ lab bathroom. Olive had come to Stanford University, to give an interview, 2 years before the story takes place. At that time she had expired contact lenses in her eyes, leading to irritation, making it look like she was crying. After having a brief interaction with Adam, she admitted her insecurities and her doubts about not being good enough for the university. And Adam in turn responded with a question of his own. What is her reason for joining academia? And with that when she replied that she wanted to find something. Adam said that it was the best reason he had ever heard. Due to her vision being blurry, She was not able to identify Adam, until later in the story. 

The Ending Of The Love Hypothesis By Ali Hazelwood (Spoilers):-

This book ends with her revealing the audio clip that she had accidentally recorded, while Tom Benton sexually harassed her. Leading to Adam knowing the true nature of Tom. They registered a formal complaint against him leading to his resignation. Olive after having dinner with Adam, her roommate Malcolm, And Malcolm’s’ boyfriend Holden Rodriquez, confesses her love on their walk home.

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