The Cheat Sheet By Sarah Adams Book Review

The Cheat Sheet By Sarah Adams. A Witty Romance Comedy, Best To Get Out Of A Reading Slump:-

The cheat sheet by Sarah Adams
The Cheat Sheet By Sarah Adams is a story that I came across not too long ago on Goodreads. The blurb of it is quite straightforward. And it states what the trope is at the back of the book. It is a slow-burn, friends-to-lovers Romance, and a fake dating trope. I was trying to find a novel that was light-hearted, fun, as well as a novel that will bring me out of my reading slump. Not only did it succeed in uplifting my mood, but it also rendered me with unexpected joy. A brief summary of it is down below:-

Basic Premise Of The Novel:-

The cheat sheet novel features two best friends.
1) An adorable dancer named Bree Camden has a tough head on her shoulder. Her self-respect and self-fulfilling nature stop her from asking for help.
2) Nathan Donelson, Who is the nations’ quarterback. He has millions of crazy fans. And he is extremely loyal to his team and his ‘Bestfriend’ Bree. Too bad, He is also a heartbreaker With a long history of dating.
Bree and Nathan met at university. And now, years later,  they still have a tradition of running at 5.30 A.M on a Tuesday morning. They watch Netflix together. Eat together. stay in the same area. And they almost know everything about each other. Everything except for their feelings towards each other.

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I mean, she does not want to be at the receiving end of the words Nathan says while breaking up with his conquest. ” You know this wasn’t a serious relationship “
So It’s better to pretend than to suffer right?
And Anyway, Bree has a mission to educate and teach dance to students at a lower price. Juggling rent and low income, It’s not like she has time to date anyway.
But it’s obvious that Nathan loves Bree, When a current girlfriend of Nathan dumps him, for choosing his best friend. It’s clear to everyone but Bree. And maybe he is satisfied by that. By her presence in his life.
Everything is fine and dandy one moment, except it, is not the next. What Bree didn’t expect was to drink too much and spill her guts to a reporter. Oops! The next day, she and Nathans’ nonexistent relationship is in front of the whole media. Fans are going crazy and Nathan’s P.R has an even ridiculous idea. The idea of a fake date in public will be great for Nathan’s publicity, as well as great for Bree who is struggling to afford her studio.
Now they both have signed the deal. What looked like harmless touching, which will arouse suppressed emotions and lust was completely unexpected. But Nathan realizes one thing. This might be the only chance to make Bree fall in love with him. And he also realizes that the cheat sheet created by his teammates, to lure her into his charms might be the only possible way.

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Book Review of The Cheat Sheet By Sarah Adams:-

The Cheat Sheet was a fun, loving, and witty romance to read. Nathan’s romantic gestures towards Bree, as well as his protectiveness, will warm a reader’s heart. Fans loving friends to lovers or the fake dating trope should pick this one up. The banter and the love that these characters share for each other will make the reader fall in love. This novel is extremely easy to read, It is also best to read to get out of the reading slump.

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