Window Shopping By Tessa Bailey Summary

Window Shopping By Tessa Bailey Summary And Quick Recap.

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Release date:- 19th of October 2021

Page count:- 258

Publisher:- Lauren Whelan

Genre:- Holiday romance, Romance novel, Contemporary romance, New-adult fiction.

Author:- Tessa Bailey.

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A quick Recap of window shopping by Tessa Bailey (Spoilers):-

Window Shopping By Tessa Bailey Summary

Stella experienced flip-flops in her stomach for the first time when she met Aiden outside of the Vivant store.
After about 10 minutes of bickering back and forth, Aiden asks Stella’s advice on the window decoration of the store. They were standing outside of it and Stella criticized the decoration by calling it a ‘Penguin Chernobyl’. Aiden further asked her advice on how she would decorate it and he is impressed by her idea where she expresses that ‘Surprise’ shall be the main element of the decoration. Her reasoning is, onlookers from the outside can think of gifts they can surprise their loved ones with. So, he ends up asking her to interview for the position of window decorator at Vivant.
Stella wants the position, but she doubts that she will get the job due to her prison record. We learn that Aiden is the general manager, and he hires her on a trial basis.

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Fast forward, Her first job is to redo the penguin decoration. After starting her job, we learn part of the reason why Stella went to prison. She was involved in an armed robbery, during which Stella thought the guns that she and her best friend were carrying were fake. In an act of self-defense, her friend Nicole fired the gun at the boss of the store and ran away from the scene. Stella refused to tell Aiden the rest of the story out of guilt.
A few days after, Aiden tells her about the rule where employees cannot have relationships with their employers unless they sign a ‘love contract’ with the H.R of Vivant. 

On the day of the decoration reveal, Aiden and Stella’s kiss was interrupted.

Stella’s’ decoration ended up impressing Aiden as well as the employees and the passers-by. 

After work, Aiden experiences jealousy when someone asks Stella out on a date. He asks Stella whether she finds the guy attractive. Here, Stella confesses her liking for Aiden. But she also shares her hesitancy to sign the love contract.
They are not able to control their attraction for each other, and they end up going to Stella’s place. On their way home, we get to know why Aiden and his family do not share a healthy relationship.
Vivant was owned by Aiden’s grandfather, and after his death, the store suffered a major loss. Aiden saved some money by selling Honey in mason jars from door to door. He ended up saving Vivant by putting all his collected money into financing the store. This made his father and his grandmother furious, as they did not have any desire to run the store.
After telling her about this, They both reach Stella’s home. They are in the middle of an intimate moment when Aiden sees Stella’s employee batch and feels guilty for sneaking around. He apologizes and leaves her in between.
The next day, Stella receives a call from Nicole (Her best friend) at work, and Nicole tells her that she might be getting released on parole. The very same day, she also receives an invitation for the Christmas eve party from Aiden.
A few days after, Stella is unfairly judged. A lost pair of earrings were wrongly placed by an employee from the sales department. However, without proper procedure, Mrs. Bunting asked security guards for Stella’s full body check. When Aiden comes to know about this, he fires Mrs. Bunting and tries to get to the bottom of what happened. He finds that the earrings had been kept aside by a sales employee for a customer who did not have enough money to pay.
Stella, happy and emotional due to Aiden’s support, tells him that she is ready to officially date him and sign the love contract. She promises to believe in their relationship and tells Aiden the rest of the story involving the armed robbery.
We learn that Nicole ran away, while Stella stayed back to help the owner that Nicole had shot. She tried to prevent his bleeding, which ultimately saved him and helped reduce her prison statement. She talks about her childhood friendship with Nicole and how it influenced most of her decisions.
Now, a few days after, Nicole is released on parole, and she comes to meet Stella outside of Vivant. Stella stands up for herself and sets boundaries between them. In the end, Aiden and Stella have a happy ending. They are both engaged a year later and Stella has a healthy bond with her parents. 

Window Shopping By Tessa Bailey Summary (Spoilers):- 

Here is a section-wise summary on window shopping by Tessa Bailey:-

1. The First Time Aiden And Stella Meet:-

Stella was looking at a monstrous window decoration the first time she met Aiden. Aiden started ranting about his aunt Edna’s story, which Stella found extremely odd. The window of Vivant had a decoration of robotic penguins which Stella refers to as the ‘Penguin Chernobyl’. This was the first time her heart did a weird flip-flop, and she takes this as a sign that she needs to escape.

2. Their differences:-

During their interaction, Stella noted how different they both were. He is at a height of 6 foot 4 inches, whereas Stella is a full foot shorter than him. He is all smiles, whereas she gives haughty judgy vibes. The clothes he wore were a thousand dollar suit and a candy cane bow tie, Whereas she is wearing a worn-out black outfit, with only a bag to add as a pop of color.

3. Aiden asks Stella to check the job openings on Vivant’s website:-

Aiden asks Stella her opinion on Vivant’s window decoration And her opinion on how she would decorate it.
Various passers-by’s stopped to hear her answer. She went into detail about how surprise should have been the main element and feels stunned when she sees the audience, as well as Aiden, looking impressed. Here, we learn that she has a degree in fashion merchandise and marketing, and she also has a blank 4 year period on her resume, which was caused due to her time in prison.
No employer can overlook a prison record. And it is a crime that Stella doesn’t deny committing. Feeling intimidated, she escapes from her conversation with Aiden.

4. Stella applies for the job:-

Aiden goes to Vivant, where we learn that he is actually the general manager of Vivant. He asks his secretary to talk him through the shortlisted applicants of window decorating. He is anxious to see if Stella has made it, but her application was not present in the shortlisted one.
 So, Aiden asks to go through the rejected ones. And there he discovers that the woman’s name is Stella and that she has a prison record for an unknown crime she committed. His strong instincts tell him to interview Stella. In an order to be fair and not give Stella preferential treatment, He calls all applicants for the interview, including Stella.
We also come to know about the board of Vivant that he has to consult before making decisions. The board consists of his family. (Father, grandfather)

5. Job interview:-

The moment Stella realizes that Aiden is in fact the general manager, she makes a run through the staircase. Aiden stops her and reasons with her, why he called her to interview. They end up holding the interview in the staircase. By the end of it, Aiden hires her on a trial basis and gives her the first job of redoing the penguin Chernobyl.

6. During her first job on a trial base (About Stella’s crime and Aiden’s family):-

Stella has to decorate the window in 4 days. During that period, Stella learns more about Aiden and she also shares some of her own secrets. She learns that he is quick to get irritated around his family. An event that happened 5 years ago at Vivant made his family hostile towards Aiden.
We also get to know that Stella was in prison due to an armed robbery. She thought she and her best friend Nicole were carrying fake guns. The gun was in fact real. And the boss of the shop fired at Nicole in Défense, whereas Nicole fired back in frenzy. Stella’s guilt stopped her from revealing any further.

7. Stella gets trapped in the window of the store:-

While working in the window, Seamus (colleague) forgot to check the shop and ended up locking Stella in the window. It was also the first time that Stella had a panic attack. Seamus was wearing headphones, so he couldn’t hear Stella shouting. No one picked up the shop’s landline. So she ends up calling Aiden.
Aiden answers her calls and shows up outside the window to unlock it and Stella jumps in his arms out of relief.

8. After Aiden’s frustrating board meeting with his family (Gift swap scene):-

Stella sees Aiden in a bad mood, they share a drink after that. To lighten up his mood, she asks him to play a game, where they have to gift something to each other.
Aiden gifts Stella a neck key chain, as she got stuck in the window. While Stella gifts him binoculars.
Here, she comes to know that if an employer and an employee want to gate, then they have to sign a love contract. Otherwise, there is a clause in the contract that restricts a relationship between employees.

9. The day of the window decoration reveal:-

On the day of the window decoration reveal, It was cold and freezing, so Stella and Aiden were sitting in the car. They were about to kiss but were interrupted due to the blaring of a horn.
Getting out of the car, they looked flustered. Aiden’s family is also present at the window decoration. and they are disapproving of Stella getting the job
All her colleagues, Aiden, and other passers-by are pleasantly surprised by the decoration. Aiden’s family reminds her of contractual obligations and the no dating clause in her contract.
She is also hired officially at Vivant.

10. After Work (About Jordyn And Seamus):-

Stella’s window decoration was successful, and it brought in more customers. she and Jordyn (Colleague) are both sitting together at the work dinner, where we get to know more about the attraction between Seamus and Jordyn. Jordyn shares her insecurities about dating young men, as her last young boyfriend broke up with her one day before the wedding.

11. Aiden’s Jealousy:-

Aiden sees a young boy approach Stella. Aiden, out of possessiveness, confronts Stella if the guy was her type. During this conversation, Stella couldn’t help but confess her feelings of liking Aiden. But she also expresses that she is not ready to sign the love contract. Stella acknowledges that Aiden is not the type to hide and sneak around. However, their growing attraction for each other results in a passionate make-out, and them going to Stella’s place.

12. Aiden shares about his family on their way to Stella’s house:-

During the traveling, we get to know about the time when Vivant was almost going to close due to insufficient funds. 5 years ago, Aiden’s grandfather died suddenly, and Vivant suffered a major loss.
But Aiden had been saving money by selling honey from door to door, which he then invested in Vivant. His family was not happy with it, as they wanted the store to shut down, resulting in a rising hostility between him and his family.

13. Aiden’s insecurity of being the nice guy.

After they reach Stella’s home, Aiden kisses Stella. His insecurity about being a nice guy made him kiss Stella. They are about to sleep with each other when he sees Stella’s employee badge peeking out. That makes him stop, as he thinks she deserves better.

14. The Invite to the Christmas eve:-

On her first day, she gets an invite from Aiden for a Christmas eve party. And on the same day, she gets a call from Nicole ( Her best friend) where she learns that Nicole is getting released on parole

15. The diamond earing incident:-

A few days after, a pair of diamond earrings go missing, and Mrs. bunting from the human resource department orders security to do a full body check of Stella. A furious Aiden gets to the H.R’s office and finds his family sitting there. They come to know that Aiden has hired an ex-convict, and demands an explanation.
Technically, Aiden holds 60% shares of the store. He stands up for Stella and fires Mrs. Bunting for not investigating with proper procedure.
Further, he asks to close the registrar and calls the sales team. He asks if anyone knows about the earrings, to which a sales employee comes forward and clears the misunderstanding. She had kept the earrings aside for a kind man. Aiden reassures her that she did nothing wrong.

16. Signing of the love contract:-

Stella feels emotional about the way Aiden stood up for her, and she knows at that moment that Aiden is the right person. Stella wants to be with Aiden, and Aiden worries that she might be signing the contract because Aiden took a stand for her. She reassures him by confessing her feelings and promises to believe in their relationship as much as Aiden believes in her. Around the same time, we also discover that Jordyn and Seamus are in a relationship.

17. What exactly happened with Stella during the armed robbery:-

After some days of their relationship, we see Stella opening up about the incident of the armed robbery.
Stella and Nicole were best friends. Because Nicole had no one in life, Stella felt as if she needed to stay with Nicole no matter the circumstances. We understand that Stella made decisions under Nicole’s influence.
On the night of the robbery, after Nicole fired a gun at the owner of the shop, she ran while Stella stayed to help the owner, and tried to reduce the blood loss.
She feels ashamed of the robbery and wishes to change her life around.

18. On Christmas eve/ Stella confronts Nicole:-

While trying on a few dresses for Christmas eve, Stella gets a call from Nicole. Stella meets Nicole out of Vivant. Instead of taking Nicole’s crude comments, she stands up for herself, sets boundaries, & promises to help Nicole find her footing.
In the epilogue, it is shown that they have a happy end Stella and Aiden are engaged a year later, and she has a good relationship with her family. 
This was a section-wise summary on window shopping by Tessa Bailey.

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