Top 10 Romance Book Recommendations, That Are Funny Cute, Angsty, And Steamy.

I have read more than 25 books in the last month, to compile a list of 10 Romance Book Recommendations, That will satisfy readers’ all around. Some of them are steamy, Where are some of them are too cute and funny to ignore. With a balance between heavy topics, Witty moments and scenes that are intimate, This is a list that caters to every type of romance reader. So without wasting any time, lets get to top 10 Romance Book Recommendations published in 2021.

Romance Book Recommendations:-

1) The Soulmate Equation By Christina Lauren:-

The soulmate equation Book Review

The Soulmate Equation By Christina Lauren, published in May 2021. This enemy to lovers’ Rom-Com follows Jessica Davis and River Pena as they fall in love. Jess is a statistician and River is the founder of a dating site called GeneticAlly. This app matches the DNA of a person, according to their compatibility score.
And, Surprise surprise! Jess and River have a compatibility score of 98%, the rarest one ever found. Now, being a skeptic in nature, Jess is not 100% convinced of the score. With a 7-year-old daughter and a busy lifestyle, Jess does not have the time to date. Also the fact that they barely get along is a possible barrier. What happens when the money offered to her, to get to know River is too sweet to refuse? Sparks emit, and a romance builds. The question is, Will they eventually fall in love?

My Thoughts And Feelings About This Novel.

People who want to read romance with a sci-fi twist to it should pick this book up. Romance is heavy in this book, but it does not hesitate in exploring the side characters to its’ fullest. They are gratifying and sure to lift the reader’s spirit. With an adorable relationship between the daughter and her grandparents, This novel will warm its readers’ hearts.  Click here to read a detailed review of the soulmate equation.

2) It Happened One Summer By Tessa Bailey:-

It Happened One Summer, a romance book

It happened one summer is a book that follows our main character, Piper. Piper is a social media influencer. With followers over 1 million, she knows how to make a good impression. When Piper has to face a humiliating public break- up, her solution to reclaim her throne on social media is by throwing a party. What she did not expect was the unprecedented trouble with the cops and her stepfather who is done with her wild child persona.
Quite fed up with the trouble Piper spews wherever she goes, Her stepfather Daniel decides to teach her a lesson. And what does he do? he ships her off to her dead biological father’s town. Where she has to live in a shabby apartment and find out who she truly is. Throw a hot sea captain Brendan in the mix, Who is grumpy and a widow. And you have a mixture that is explosive with chemistry and steam in the air. The problem is, Tessa has to leave in 3 months and Brendan is looking for something more than a casual hookup. The question is how will Brendan convince Tessa to stay. Will she choose her life in Los Angeles Or the one they had built together in the small town of Westport.

My Thoughts And Feelings About This Novel.

This work is going to be a hit or a miss for most people. Brendan has a possessive streak to him. I would stay away if I don’t like a possessive character trope. Besides that, the bond that Piper and her sister Hannah share was stinkingly cute. If you like a book, set in a small town, with townspeople and a budding romance, then this is the right book for you.

3) Second First Impression By Sally Thorne:-

Second first impression review

One of the best books, featuring a kind and sweet love interest. This author who wrote The hating game won my heart with The second first impression. Teddy is wild and impulsive. With motorcycle and tattoos’ all over his body, one might argue that he is a bad boy with a sweet side to him. While on the opposite hand, Ruthie is clean, neat and she has a schedule for everything.
Now, Teddy is in need of cash and he also needs a place to crash. Did I mention that his father is a millionaire and that he owns a retirement facility that Ruthie is working in? So now, If his father helps him with a cottage in a facility, then Teddy will have to get a job. And well take some responsibility for once. What he did not expect was for him and Ruthie to live next door. And the other least expected was for two people who are so opposite to each other, to become friends and fall in love. Well, how? that is a mystery to them as well. Regardless, It does promise a journey full of laughter and moments that anyone would die for.

My Thoughts And Feelings About This Novel.

Even with a ‘bad boy falls in love with the good girl trope, It still feels different, due to the unique cast of characters. -Parloni sisters (Twi ninety-year-old women) with a devious streak to them and a best friend who is acting as the dating coach for Ruthie. This book has other heartwarming relationships that set it apart. And hence, it deserves to be on my best romance book recommendations list.

Click here for a detailed review of the second first impression.

4) The Heart Principle By Helen Hoang:-

The heart principle romance book recommendations

The heart principle is the third book in ‘ The kiss quotient series’. arguably, It is also the best written out of the three. The author calls it a half memoir and it deals with subjects that she herself has gone through. Anna is a violinist and she is also an internet prodigy. With a video gone viral, Also, being on the autism spectrum, it is quite difficult for her to get her footing. . Well, It becomes more catastrophic, when her boyfriend wants to have an open relationship.
So what does Anna do? She decides to take a new approach and do what her mind speaks. Taking this newfound freedom, she meets Quan Diep for a hookup. Quan is a little self-conscious of his body due to a recent surgery. So now that he wants to get his confidence back, he wants nothing but a carefree night with no strings attached. But what happens when a casual meet turns into two and then three. What happens when they realize, that each other is what they truly need.

 My Thoughts And Feelings About This Novel.

This book is taking over the internet real soon, With the buzz and hype that it deserves. With characters representing the Autism spectrum, It does dip its’ toes in some heavy topics. There is a discussion on the complexities of a caretaker’s job. Familial pressure is a recurring theme in this book. It might tackle mental health in the wisest way possible. Heartbreaking in a few scenes, and witty when Anna and Quan come together. It is the perfect example of a bittersweet book. But the characters have a happy ending and that is what I’m here for.

Click here for a detailed review of the heart principle.

5) The Spanish Love Deception By Elena Armas, Romance Book Recommendations:-

The spanish love deception book review

The Spanish Love Deception is also another ‘enemy to lovers‘ romance book recommendations. It follows our protagonist Catalina, Or Lina as she prefers everyone calling her. Lina has not dated in over 6 years. The news of her ex-boyfriends’ engagement is . . . shocking and unexpected. Of course, He is also the best man and Hence, she can’t show up at her sisters’ wedding alone. What is her only solution you might ask? That is to find a fake date or a fake boyfriend at the wedding. To keep up the pretense of not being lonely and heartbroken.
The only person who can come to the wedding is Aaron and the worst thing is, they don’t get along at all. Aaron is a colleague of hers, and he might be the most infuriating person she knows. The wedding is 3 weeks away and there is no way she can find a date within that period. So well, she gives in. And now Aaron is joining her on a trip to Spanish, where he will meet her crazy Spanish family. As things progress and characters get to know each other, there’s an intensity that is quite difficult to ignore. And as in any other book, they fall in love with each other. The only thing is, Lina knows the consequences of mixing business with pleasure. The real question is, will the consequence break them apart?

My Thoughts And Feelings On The Novel:-

This is another book with a protective main character. But it does not get overwhelming. With characters working in the same office, a grumpy love interest, and a crazy loud Spanish family. This book sets its’ readers’ on an adventure unlike any other.

Click here for a full book review on The Spanish Love Deception.

6) The Love Hypothesis By Ali Hazelwood

The Love hypothesis romance book recommendations

Adam Carlsen- The Hotshot scientist, Well known ass towards his students, Is also the guy Olive kissed on an impulse.

Adam is a scientist at Cambridge university. The first time he met Olive was when Olive was supposedly crying. Why you might ask? From using expired contact lenses. Not knowing the Adam is a well known scientist, she blurted out her embarrassing insecurities. But when you can’t see the guy through blurry lenses, It is no harm and foul right?

Olive is studying in the same university in the Ph. D program. To carry out a research on pancreatic cancer. And fast forward 2 years later, Olive kisses the same guy on an impulse. What she didn’t expect was to get involved in fake dating him. And what was even more surprising was to see a sweet side to Adam Carlson, known to be an ass towards his students at the university of Cambridge. And even after all the rumors of him having a tough skin, with an extremely strict nature, he might find a soft side for the cheerful and bright Olive.

Days pass, feelings progress, and love blooms. But Olive’s fear of getting too close to someone still remains. The question is, will she give Adam a chance? Or will she lose the only person who was able to win her heart.

Thoughts and feelings on The Love Hypothesis:-

This was an extremely sweet natured novel, having enemies to lovers and a fake dating trope. With a character like Adam who looked tough from the outside, had an extremely gentle heart. Olive and Adam are clearly opposites, with differing tastes and preferences. Yet they seemed more compatible than other couple in romance novels. If you like a slow-burn, with chemistry, and characters that have a healthy protective side towards each other, than this is the right book for you.

Read a full review on the love hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

7) A lot Like Adios By Alexis Daria

A Lot Like Adiós By Alexis Daria book review

A lot like adios features Gabriel and Michelle, who used to be bestfriends before an event that drew them apart. It’s been 12 years since they last spoke. And they were were 15 when they first kissed each other. That was also the last time they saw each other.

Gabe, in an attempt to get away from his family, fled New York. He also broke communication with Michelle, to not get tempted and go back. It’s been years now. He is successful with a gym in L.A. And he had no thoughts of going back. But a forced agreement with a client, and an even complicated work relationship with Michelle will pull him back, was the last thing he expected.

What was even more surprising was the chemistry simmering. These ex-bestfriends did not expect to fall in each other’s arms. Nor did they expect for feelings to resurface. The question is, this time around, will Gabe take a step towards their budding relationship? Or will he flee from Michelle? Only time will tell.

Thoughts and feelings on this novel:

This is another bestfriends- enemies and enemies- lovers rom-com. The banter that these characters have will leave the reader’s entertained. Don’t even get me started on the steamy romance. Apart from that, the comfort that these characters find for each other made me root for them. Michelle’s confidence and Gabriel’s brevity was what I admired the most. It is perfect for readers who want to have a relaxing evening reading steamy romance.

Detailed review on A Lot Like Adios By Alexis Daria

8) The Cheat Sheet By Sarah Adams:-

The Cheat Sheet By Sarah Adams book review

The cheat sheet features our main character, who is a dance character. And our love interest Nathan Donelson, who is the star quarterback of the entire nation. Having a status of being a sports players, involves staying in the limelight. And staying in the public eye involves dating multiple women. When all he hopes for is to date his bestfriend Bree.

Bree loves Nathan. And she would like nothing more than to date him. But she also does not want to be at receiving end of the breakup. And the social status between them is glaringly obvious. So, she is fine with being bestfriends and having him in a platonic way than nothing at all. But what happens when she spills her guts in front of a reporter, And in order to correct the damage, she has to date Nathan  for 3 whole months, And what happens when Nathan takes the act a little to seriously? Making chemistry bloom between them?

Romance might ensue and feelings might get involved. But are Nathan and Bree strong enough when external forces risk pull them apart?

Thoughts and feelings about this book.

The best lighthearted, crazy, fun and cute read of the entire list. Again, with a bestfriends to lovers romance plot, this might just take the cake in this entire list of book recommendations. Their cute banter coupled with mental health discussed, gives it the perfect balance to be fun yet important at the same time. Read this one if you want to have a fun time and if you want to read something that does not involve thinking too deep.

Read in-depth about The Cheat Sheet By Sarah Adams

9) Portrait Of A Scotsman Evie Dunmore:-

Portrait of a scotsman book review

Portrait of a Scotsman By Evie Dunmore is a historical romance between an artist and a gruff businessman.

Imagine being set up in a marriage of convenience and finding yourself at an alter with a towering and moody Scotsman. Sounds bizarre right? well, That’s what happens with the London banking heiress, Hattie Greenfield. Hattie is an independent and fiery artist. brave is also a word that can best suit her. Because, it is also a quality required when you are proposed to marry Lucian Blackstone, her father’s rival.

A mishap between these two, results in a compromising situation. It also ended up in a marriage between a girl who wanted to marry out of love and a man who doesn’t believe in love.

Thoughts and feelings on this novel:-

Unlike other novels mentioned, this one is a historical romance, having marriage of inconvenience, and an enemies to lovers trope. The chemistry between these characters can be found from the start. You’ll find a difficult start in this tale that leads to wedded happiness by the end. Their gentle heart and soft feelings were disclosed on a vacation to Scotland. It is again a slow-burn that will keep you engrossed throughout and leave you satisfied in the end.

Click here for a full review on the Portrait of a Scotsman By Evie Dunmore.

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