Evie Dunmore Portrait Of A Scotsman By Evie Dunmore, The Third Book In The League Of Extraordinary Women Series.

Portrait of a Scotsman by Evie Dunmore was published on 7th September 2021. It is a historical romance, featuring a marriage of inconvenience. This beauty and the beast retelling has became the buzz in the reading community.

Nowadays, Authors’ are giving a new meaning to the romance genre. Not only are they trying to come up with plots that are unique but also engrossing to readers. From a slew of romance publications, this particular book has won the attention of book readers. And that novel is the third book in the ‘league of extraordinary women series’.

Premise Of This Novel:-

Portrait of a scotsman book review

Imagine you are set up in a marriage of convenience and finding yourself at an alter with a towering and moody Scotsman. Sounds bizarre right? well, That’s what happens with the London banking heiress, Hattie Greenfield.

Hattie, the second eldest daughter, is the most loved in the greenfield family. Hattie had found a home in her passion for Art. Making her the only one in the family to pursue it at Oxford University. Her being from a prestigious family, Hattie is not allowed to roam unchaperoned. But that’s what she does. Hattie sneaks to the tour at a famous art exhibition. An exhibition owned by her father’s business rival, Lucian Blackstone
Lucian, known for being notorious for ruining men in debt is not the right candidate for Hattie. Known for being ruthless and aggressive, no one can forget his blatant disbelief in love. Tagged as an outcast due to being born in a lower caste family, he certainly does not have a good rep in society.
So, what happens when there is a chance encounter with Hattie?? He sees this as a perfect opportunity to gain power. Although he might have money, he still lacks the power that comes with status in society. Here, he sets his plans in motion, only for Hattie to fall in his arms without even trying.
After a heated and debate conversation results in attraction. Helpless with his brooding presence, Hattie all but leans in and kisses Lucian. Rumors fly, People, talk, and the only way to redeem her family’s reputation is marriage. But things might not look as innocuous as Hattie believes. Lucian had paid her father in shares, to marry Hattie, And what’s worst is that she is not aware of it.
Well, for Hattie, she had certainly thought about marriage. She has even yearned for it. And while she might have found the handsome brooding Scotsman attractive, she certainly did not think of him as marriage material. Nor had she wanted to marry out of convenience. But now, not knowing about her father’s and Lucian’s arrangement, Hattie is standing at the Alter, not quite believing that she is getting married.

Book Review On ‘Portrait Of A Scotsman’:-

Enemies-to-lovers is a theme in this novel, with a marriage of convenience thrown in for good measure. You’ll find a difficult start in this tale that leads to wedded happiness by the end. Their gentle heart and soft feelings were disclosed on a vacation to Scotland, and passion bloomed as a result. Lucians’ vengeance for a guy he despises and Hattie’s’ unfulfilled goals were the only things keeping them apart. But not for long, Fate has a way of bringing even the opposites together. In this beast and beauty retelling, we find just how true it is.

Aside from that, the character’s coming to terms with their privilege will be of interest to readers. We witness Hattie taking part in a powerful social justice movement known as suffragists.  And even after all the difficulties, we end up seeing two people falling irrevocably in love.

Even if this book has a social consciousness, It still remains a driving force of love and happiness.

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