Outrageous In Love By Jen Morris

Outrageous In Love By Jen Morris- Join A Bookworm As She Steps Out OF Her Comfort Zone And Falls In Love For The First Time.

Outrageous In Love By Jen Morris Book Review
In Outrageous In Love By Jen Morris
Meet Harriet, The one who wants to open a board game cafe.
For her, nothing could be worse than being in her late 20’s and never having experienced a proper relationship before. What’s more is that her nerdy self rarely lets her confident personality out, leaving her with little to no experience.
Meet Luke, The recently divorced gamer, having a passion for developing video games. Luke is a self-employed star wars lover who is currently in his mid-thirties. He also has the best set of gorgeous muscular arms that Harriet has ever seen.
Harriet is quite tired of having a boring life. Encouragement from her flatmate Steph is all that she needs to unleash her inner alter ego out. Right from the get-go, her inner voice will land her in deep trouble was something no one expected. Nor did she expect a chance encounter with Luke in their flight to her sister’s wedding.
Luke and Harriet met on their flight to the U.S for the very first time. A fun and playful conversation at the flight led to a quick hookup in the bathroom. Luke is handsome and charming, so no harm no deal right? Except they again meet at a family dinner before the wedding. And suddenly, introduced as the brother of the groom and a guy who is completely off-limits is the worst thing to happen
Harriet knows that playing with Luke is a dangerous game. Not only is he involved in complicated divorce, but he is also practically family making him off-limits. But this Harriet is a new person. And she is not afraid of taking risks.

Book Review On Outrageously In Love:-

Harriet- without her realizing is one of the wittiest shy characters I have read in quite a while. From living lives behind books to actually stepping out of her comfort zone, this book gives courage to the most introverted soul. Instead of being a hermit, Harriet truly tries her best, to experience more in life.
From being anxious to applying red lipstick and having an adventure on a trapeze, we see a complete switch in the main character’s personality. Harriet at her sister’s wedding in New York discovers herself, seeing things in a new light. And on the way, she also falls in love.
We see Luke on the other side going through a messy divorce. He shares with Harriet most of his insecurities formed due to his last marriage. Even after trying to stop their affair from progressing, they are helpless due to the growing attraction between them. The novel has quite a few steamy scenes, but it is also the one you can breeze through while having a relaxing time in the evening.
Along with playful characters, we also see Luke and Harriet sharing similarities and forming an emotional bond. Their relationship progresses fast and steadily, but even so, the author takes her time nurturing them throughout. It is somewhere between an instant romance and a slow burn, Making it perfect for picky readers.
Fans of ‘The Soulmate Equation By Christina Lawrence’ Should read this book.

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