In A Holidaze By Christina Lauren Book Review

In A Holidaze By Christina Lauren Book Review, Ending, Spoilers And Cast Of Characters. 

In a holidaze by Christina Lauren Book Review
This article covers the plot of In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren, its book review, the cast involved, as well as the spoiler, and the ending of the novel. It is Released on 6th October 2020. The genre of this book is a romantic comedy, with some fantasy elements thrown in. ‘In a Holidaze’ takes place in the cottage owned by the Hollis family, in the Park City of Utah.

Plot And The Basic Premise:-

Maelyn, Theo, and Andrew have grown up spending every Christmas with their family friends at the cottage in Park city.
However, Things cannot get any worse this Christmas. Maelyn kissed Theo, but the person she truly likes is his brother Andrew. The cottage that her family friends visit during Christmas is getting sold. Her job of accounting is mundane and tiresome, and she is also living with her parents even if she has a job. On top of that, she is single and is not able to move on from Andrew ever since she was 13 years old.

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Christmas has ended with a disaster. They are on their way back from the cottage at the end of the holidays when she finds herself asking for help from the universe. It is precisely then that a truck full of Christmas trees crashes into their car, leading to an accident. Rather than finding herself in a coma, she wakes up in an airplane that she took before her Christmas at the cottage. And this is how she restarts the holidays she has already spent. She remembers and predicts:-
  • Dad cracking a molar due to eating tough cookies.
  • Kennedy tripping due to their pet dog.
  • Andrew’s sweater getting ruined by the dog.
  • Theo having cut his hair short.
Maelyn at first thinks that she had dreamed all this. But when she keeps getting involved in an accident, she ends up waking up in the airplane she already took and ends up spending the same Christmas again, until she realizes that she is in a time loop. So, what’s the most sensible thing to do in this situation? One thing is certain, this time loop is a second chance given my universe for Mae to find happiness. The real question is, Will happiness come from confessing her feelings to Andrew? Or will it come from saving the cottage? Or is it both?

Book Review Of In A Holidaze By Christina Lauren:-

Traditions, family friends, a heartwarming cottage, with a Christmas setting, are some of the highlights of this novel. Not only does it focus on the romance, but it also provides great development in the side characters.
Maelyn’s parents, and their friends, all meet at the cottage every Christmas. And they cannot imagine spending their holidays otherwise. To not harm this bond, we see Maelyn being hesitant to confess her feelings for Andrew.
The novel progresses in medium-length chapters and with a descriptive writing style. We see the bond that Theo and Maelyn share, regardless of whoever she ends up with. It was hilarious to read this book for the first 40%, it loses some of its charms after. For the remaining novel, we see Andrew, Maelyn, and Theo having honest conversations.
This novel is not just about the romance between Maelyn and Andrew, But it also focuses on family relationships and their loyalty to each other. Even if Maelyn’s parents are divorced, with her mother happily remarried, we see them still coming together to spend their Christmas with their friends at the cottage. It showed an admirable loyalty between the characters. 
The end was my least favorite. It felt a bit dramatic. The ending is tough to grasp and believe. The ending of this book is discussed in the last segment.

Cast and characters in- In A Holidaze:-

Maelyn Jones:- Main character. 26 years old
Miles Jones:- Maelyn’s brother. 17 years old
Andrew Hollis:- Love Interest. 30 years old
Theo Hollis:- Andrew’s brother is 26 years old
Elsa:- Maelyn’s mom
Dan Jones:- Maelyn’s father.
Lisa Hollis:- Andrew’s mom
Ricky Hollis:- Andrew’s father
Aaron and Kyle Liang:- both married to each other, Aaron is her parent’s friend.
Benny:- Not married. Parents friend. He is also cool, and Mae shares everything with him.
Kennedy and Zachary:- Twins, adopted by Aaron and Riley

Ending Of In A Holidaze By Christina Lauren (Spoilers):-

Cottage issue:-

Benny is the only one who knew about the time loop. And Mae had also told him about the Hollis family’s decision to sell the cottage. At first, on a mission, Maelyn is trying to find a way to save the cottage. Later, she asks Benny for a loan, so that she can buy the cottage from the Hollis family and pay it in installments. However, we realize that Benny has talked with Lisa and Ricky (Andrews’s parents) already. We see him paying a deposit so that they can spend their Christmas there every year.

Andrew, Theo, And Maelyn:-

This is Mae’s fourth time spending her Christmas vacation again. Due to the frustration of spending the same days over and over, she decides to not hold back. She confesses her true feelings to Andrew when they were trying to find the perfect tree. later, they are caught under the mistletoe, leading to their first kiss.
While shopping on Christmas eve, Theo is surprised to see Mae and Andrew kissing each other. Mae later talks to Theo about her feelings for Andrew, where Theo confesses that he feels led on by Mae. He later apologizes for the same, and they end up on good terms.
Mae finally comes clean in front of Andrew about the time loop, and how she has spent this Christmas before. He has no choice but to believe her when all of Mae’s hunches keep coming true. She also confesses about her drunken kiss with Theo on Christmas eve that has already happened.

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Andrew decides to go back home, feeling confused due to Mae and her actions. He asks her how she can kiss one brother and date another. A heartbroken Mae leaves him a gift. It consisted of a sketch with both Mae and Andrew in their 80s, and In that sketch, Andrew is also wearing a wedding band. She talks about her feelings for Andrew and then goes for a walk feeling disheartened.
After Mae returns to the cottage, she finds everyone in a happy mood. There is a surprise awaiting her in the closet, and when she follows the trail of candy to the closet, she finds Andrew in it. They talk makeup and have a happy end after.
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