Is A Lot Like Adiós By Alexis Daria For You?

A Lot Like Adiós By Alexis Daria Is A steamy Rom-Com, Perfect for Readers Who Like Ex-Bestfriends To Lovers Trope.

‘A Lot Like Adiós By Alexis Daria’ is a romantic comedy novel, published on 8th September 2021. It is also, as of now, highly underrated. It is a story that will appeal to most readers due to its fast yet unhurried plot. With fiery characters and even fiery chemistry- This book is a must-read on a relaxing evening.
“The first time they kissed was the last time they saw each other.”
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  • Premise Of The Novel:
  • Michelle ‘in A Lot Like Adios’:
  • Michelle and Gabriel’s Background:
  • Book Review +Trope +Who should read it:

Premise Of The Novel ‘A Lot Like Adiós By Alexis Daria’:-

A lot Like Adios By Alexis Daria

Gabe- Gabriel Angular lives in the blistering city of Los Angeles. He also owns a gym there. The lavender scent wafting in the Agility gym, even after harboring sweat-covered bodies, feels like home, unlike anything. It is more of a comfort than his own apartment located in Santa Monica.
Gabe and Fabian were in university when they met. Being on the same baseball team during college brought them closer. And now years after college, they are partners in a gym called Agility. Gabriel blowing their knee during a match made him unable to play sports. Leading him to work as a personal trainer. Fabian’s MBA degree provided the skills to make the gym. Whereas Gabe’s experience as a personal trainer provided him with the knowledge to run it.
Now, Years later, they have to fulfill a deal they made with an investor. A deal that Fabian had committed to. A deal to go back to New York, to open their branch there. Fabian will travel back and forth and manage the New York brand, which was what they agreed on. Except, Fabian is now married, with twins on their way, And there’s no way he will leave his family without help.
Gabe is too good of a friend to ask otherwise. And now, he must go back to the place that he left behind. The place where his worst nightmare, meaning his family resides. It is also the place that he was reluctant to leave due to his best friend Michelle.

Michelle As The Main Character:

Michelle was a marketing consultant at a firm. A successful rebranding campaign that she was in charge of, led to her being famous amongst the firms. Except for the jerk named Nathaniel. The one is responsible for the demise of her career. The one she hates. And the one that Gabe or Fabian will hire if she did not accept the rebranding of the agility gym in New York.
Gabe did not realize that the consultant behind Victory Fitness was Michelle. He did not think that Fabian will send an email, requesting to take their rebranding. Above all, he did not expect her to take the gig. So, when he emails back, the last response he anticipated was for her to say, “I’ll do it”
Michelle however has one condition, Gabe must live with her, If he wants him on their team. And the reason behind the condition? She wants and deserves closure. She will wear him out, corner him, and make him tell her why he wrecked her life 12 years ago. What they did not expect was for old feelings to resurface, and for sparks to re-ignite. Maybe this time they will find the closure that they needed and deserve. Maybe this time, they will be more than just friends. 

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Michelle’s And Gabe’s History:-

At the age of 15, Michelle and Gabriel were close as any other best friends. They wrote sci-fi together, went to family dinners together. Michelle accompanied Gabe during his shift at his father’s store.
“He’d always thought that she was the most beautiful girl in the world and age had only made her hotter”
The only problem is, The last time they saw each other was also the first time they kissed. And According to Gabe, the last time they will ever meet. And with his family, he ghosted his best friend too. So as anyone would expect, Michelle is furious to see the email from Gabe and his partner Fabian. And after making a pros and cons list, She is even more furious that she can’t help but accept. One of the pros was ” Screw you, Nathaniel”. While reading I wondered what that was about.
But anyway, 12 years have passed. They both are meeting again. And Michelle’s plan is in motion. The only thing she did not expect was the passion to ignite. Or the same comfort to feel. More so, even she is confused about the feelings she is experiencing. More so, It will be hard to maintain professional boundaries with the amount of chemistry sizzling. Let’s not forget Gabe’s family. The root behind the mess in its entirety.

Book Review + Plot trope + Who should read:-

This is a novel best suited for people who want to read a steamy romance. The friendship, even more so the romance that these characters share was funny yet heartwarming. With friends reuniting after 12 years, It best suits those looking for dual timeline moments. This novel has excerpts from Gabriel and Michelle chatting when they were 15 years old. The fun dynamic between them does not fail to bring a smile to the reader’s face.

The trope in this novel is an ex-best friend to lovers. And it also deals with familial issues.

“Gabe had always believed in the adage You can never go home again. But now he knew that wasn’t true. The home was whatever, wherever, and whomever he wanted it to be.”

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