When You Are Mine By Michael Robotham Book Review

‘When You Are Mine By Michael Robotham’, A Thrilling Psychological Thriller Featuring Friendship And Obsession.

When you are mine by Michael Robotham book review.

When You Are Mine By Michael Robotham is a featured standalone novel. And it is a shame considering all the well-written characters that we get to know throughout.

We see the book flowing through a police officer’s perspective who is the daughter of a well-known mobster.

Philomena was 11 years old when she decided her fate. A bomb incident in a double-decker bus, followed by the kindness she saw in a police officer, inspired her to join the police force herself. The rejection she faced did not deter her from following her dream path.

Instead of looking at the glimmering lights of London, She rather sees the abused, the bereaved, and the beaten people of the city. With a settled career and a married life, all is going well for Phil, until it isn’t.

A domestic case involving a well-known detective changed her life’s course. Arriving at the crime scene, she saw a woman with a split lip and a swollen bloody eye. With a broken vase on the floor, all signs point towards struggle and abuse. Further, the women’s refusal to give a statement seems far too suspicious.

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So Phil does what a police officer should do. She keeps her morale and arrests the suspect. Except, Phil is unaware that the man is decorated police ‘hero’, DS Darren Goodall, who is married with two children.

Tempe was the woman involved in the domestic case. being in her early 20’s, and having an affair with a married man resulted in the physical abuse she faced. And being from the same convent, Tempe and Phil strike up a friendship. Two weeks down the line, they are both joined to the hip. Being inseparable, Phil is teaching Tempe self-defense. At one point they are sharing secrets and at another point, dark events start to emerge.

Something doesn’t feel right. With the discovery of a dead body, Sinister events keep happening. Phil is slowly realizing that Tempe has a dark secret. And to keep that secret, she might be ready to kill.

Book Review:-

Robotham has written an unputdownable and a grappling crime thriller full of twists- dripping with tension and suspense. Phil is a powerful primary character, a strong woman who believes in justice but finds herself out in the cold while simply attempting to perform her job, with cops who are suddenly hesitant to have her back.

The police force that should be protecting her from lies and injustice abandons her, she has no choice but to trust and rely on her colorful criminal family. I believe many of Robotham’s fans and other readers will like this gripping and engaging crime novel, which represents many of our contemporary realities.

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