The Good Lie Novel By A. R. Torre Book Review

In The Good Lie Novel By A. R. Torre, A well-known psychiatrist falls into a trap of romance, only to discover hidden truths, leading to a terrifying end.

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The Good Lie Novel By A. R. Torre, Released on 20 July 2021, is a psychological thriller novel.
Gwen Moore, Also known as the doc of death, is a well-known psychiatrist in the criminal world. She is famous for her controversial lists of patients, who have shown a tendency to harm people violently in the past. Her patients are of angry and volatile tendencies, having a criminal and hostile history. They come to Gwen Moore, to keep their fantasies of hurting others in check.
One of her patients consists of John Abbott. A charming pharmacist, with a clean background, and a wife who has driven him crazy. Having expressed anger towards Brookes and has hurt her in the past, due to his driving jealousy, he is seeking help for his condition from Dr. Gwen.
Brookes Abbott and John Abbott were a couple closely seen by Gwen. The discovery of their dead bodies was the last thing Gwen expected after she failed to receive the call from John Abbott. Brookes died of a stroke while John plunged a knife through his stomach. she is certain that John killed his wife, Even though it might look otherwise.
Riddled with guilt, Gwen isn’t sure about her skills as a psychiatrist. In her state of distress, She barely notices the improvement in the bloody heart killers case. The
bloody heart killer captures the teenage wealthy boys, only to return their dead bodies after weeks of torture. Only this time, his sixth victim was able to return home. This victim recognized a professor for murdering one of the victims.

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The case that even reporters have moved on from, Is also the case that Richard Kavin is not ready to let go of. Richards’s son was one of the Bloody Heart Killer’s victims and he is fairly certain that the professor isn’t the one behind the killings. So what does he do? He appoints himself as the defense lawyer to the professor and promises to get him released.
A shocking turn of events discover that the professor was a suspect in a case of sexual assault. And what is more shocking is the psychiatrist appointed to make the psyche profile of the person responsible for the crime. And it is none other than Gwen More.
clean-cut person, with an anti-social personality, matches the profile of the criminal. And the professor has a personality that is far from that of the killer.
So now, Richard is hunting for the right criminal. A person who is framing the professor for his crime. An excited yet unsettled Gwen is helping Richard to understand the killer’s profile.
What complicates things is Richards and Gwen’s one-night stand. Mixing business with pleasure is never a good idea. As one might have thought. But one thing is certain. Something is aloof about the case. Something is aloof with Richard. Little did Gwen know that accepting the job was a bad idea after all.

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Book Review On The Good Lie Novel.

The Good Lie is a true whirlwind with a little bit of romance thrown in for good measures. Although some might say that the ending was unusual, the twist that packs at the end is unexpected yet surprising. We have Gwen who is hungry for a major breakthrough in her career.  Then there is Richard who would do anything to find the killer. Also to hide a dark secret from Dr. Gwen

The high-profile bloody heart killer’s case marks the right opportunity for Gwen. But the trap that has been set for her was unpredictable even to its readers.

Both Gwen and Richard were unlikeable, and their relationship was even more unusual. Apart from these characters, reading about Gwen’s patients added to the intrigue. We see the plot progressing from John Abbott, To the bloody heart killer’s case, to Richard, and to the final reveal- raising anticipation while reading. And finally, when we come towards the reveal, it is as exciting and unpredictable as one can imagine.

Readers who like a good psychological thriller, with a mindboggling end should read this one.

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