The Dark Hours By Michael Connelly Book Review

The Dark Hours By Michael Connelly, A Thriller Novel Where Renée Ballard And Harry Bosch Must Join Forces To Solve A Notorious Case. 

In this riveting novel of The Dark Hours By Michael Connelly, Renée Ballard And Harry Bosch come together to find fairness for an injured party, who was traumatized during new years eve. This dark thriller, Published on 9 November 2021, is a nail biter, written by the bestselling author of the book ‘ The Lincoln Lawyer ‘

Quote From The Novel:- “Nowadays, times appear rougher than they used to be. Danger shows itself in different ways. Here and now, you can’t always see what’s right in front of your face simply because everyone is hiding behind a mask and Covid is ever-present.”

Basic Premise Of The Dark Hours:-

Dark hours by Michael Connolly Book Review
It’s new years eve, and there’s chaos during the final countdown of a new beginning. During her night shift at the graveyard, detective Renée Ballard seeks shelter, awaiting the end of tradition, Where hundreds of revelers shoot their guns in the air. Only minutes after, The tradition ends in a hurry. Renée, Summoned at the scene, finds a diligent auto shop owner, shot by a bullet during the rushed street hour.
Ballard is quick to form a conclusion. It’s not logical for a bullet to have fallen from the sky after shooting. It has to be directly shot to hit the auto shopkeeper named Javier Rafa. Even more terrifying is that the case feels linked to another mysterious unsolved one from 10 years ago.
The bullet that injured Javier Rafa came from the same gun that killed rapper Albert Lee 10 years ago. It was a case handled by the detective Harry Bosch at one time.
So, now, Detective Harry and Detective Renée must team together, and start a shadow investigation, while Ballard also tries to solve another case at the same time.
Renée is a rape survivor, and along with detective Moore, she has to find a notorious duo called Midnight Men. Midnight men are a pair of unpleasant serial rapists, who have been petrifying women, leaving no trace after committing the crime. Soon Renée is also abandoned by detective Moore in solving the latter one.
Ballard starts feeling laborious due to her efforts in solving the two criminal cases. She feels a change in the police department due to the social unrest after the pandemic. The department feels hindered by the immoral behavior, and she feels like she can turn to no one but detective Harris Bosch.
Like any other investigations, False leads, police squabble, and betrayals follow. They must look over their shoulder and be careful while trying to find where old and new cases meet. As they work together, they must remember the predator’s brutality, as pursuing their search, can put their own life at risk. Some secrets according to the criminals are worth killing. One thing is certain, Following Ballard and Bosch till the end is not a disappointing journey in the least.

Book Review On The Dark Hours By Michael Connelly:-

This is a well-executed police procedural set during the pandemic,  A feat that just a few writers have attempted. I admired Michael Connelly’s thoughtfulness in centering a police procedural around the pandemic, and I applaud him for taking great care in writing it.

The best thing while reading this was Renée’s gutsy passion and the camaraderie between her and Bosch.  The atmosphere of the cops is also nicely captured by Connelly. It progresses rapidly and has a strong undercurrent of tension. Ballard appears to be the only one who is even mildly concerned at the police department. As the game progresses, she must balance catching crooks and avoiding the department’s wrath.

Ballard was one of my favorite characters in the stories, but she captured my heart by adopting a rescue puppy. This felt more like a Renée’s narrative than a Harry story. There’s a cliffhanger at the end, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the next installment of the series will begin.

You should read this book if you like:-

  • plenty of action and heart-racing plot twists
  • A book written in the pandemic setting.
  • A feisty character who will go to ends to solve a case.

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