A Book Review On Survive The Night By Best-Selling Author Riley Sager.

Survive the night book review
Survive The Night, Published in June 2021, has been on many people’s radar. Having bestsellers like ‘Home Before Dark’, and ‘Lock Every Door’, Survive the night was also anticipated on Book-Tube. Due to that, this book has gained popularity, quickly becoming the talk of on book-tube.

Premise Of This Novel:-

Survive the night by Riley Sager is a book where we follow our main character Charlie, who loves only one thing in this world, watching movies. Having gone through a rough patch in her life, the only way she finds comfort is by escaping to the fictional world. She has lost both her parents to a car accident and to add to that, her best friend is killed by the campus killer. Now, after that event, Charlie is desperate to escape Olyphant university, to leave the past behind. Now, due to her overwhelming emotions, the only way to return back home is to carpool with a stranger. Little does she know, Things start taking a turn for the worse.
Josh Baxter claims that he is a janitor at the Olyphant university. Having a Father who is in serious condition due to a heart stroke, he has no choice but to get back and care for him. Being short on funds, he needs someone to share his gas money with, or so that he claims. Charlie being in a car with Josh, is suspicious of him, due to events like:
  • hiding the view of the trunk of the car
  • lying about his name
  • having a license from a different city.
His story does not add up. So now, Charlie knows one thing, Only one out of these two will survive the night, And reading is the only way to find out.

Writing Style, Plot, And Pacing:-

The writing style of this book is simplistic in nature. It is perfect for readers who are new to the mystery/ thriller genre. It is also great if the reader prefers a straightforward writing style.
The back of the book sounded intriguing to me. I was curious to know what will happen in the story after reading its brief.  While the pacing of it is not that fast, The execution still was a weak point for me. The ending of the novel can be slightly predictable to regular mystery readers.

Ending Of Survive The Night (spoilers):-

The ending where we discover that Robbie was the one behind all those killings felt unexpected but predictable. Also, the fact that Josh was working for Maddy’s Grandmother felt unrealistic to me. The shock factor that Riley’s other books provide( like ‘Home before dark’) was missing. This one felt disappointing due to that reason particularly. A good Mystery/Thriller leads you in different directions, but the end ties everything together. This was missing with Survive The Night novel.

Should You Avoid Reading This Book?

If you are an avid reader, who likes plot twists throughout, If your enjoyment of a book is based on its writing style and if you like characters that are complex in nature, then this might not be the book for you. However, I would highly recommend Home Before Dark, as that book has great characters and a shock-inducing end.
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6 thoughts on “Survive The Night By Riley Sager Book Review.

  1. I KNOW RIGHT. one book review that literally shares my feelings. the fact that the end left me feeling nothing but disappointment was a book turn of for me. what was the author thinking, (spoiler) introducing Maddy’s granny in the plot????? I feel nothing but anger after reading the book. Survive the night By Riley Sager was disappointing, and the fact that his other books are so well written and character + plot driven made it more so a miss for me. This book review on survive the night spoke to me and i don’t think I’ll be reading any other books of his ever again.

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