In My Dreams I hold A Knife Book Review

‘In My Dreams, I Hold A Knife By Ashley Winstead’,- A thriller featuring a decade-old murder and a group of friends hiding deep secrets from each other.

in my dreams i hold a knife by ashley windtead
‘In my dreams, I hold a knife’ is a new, riveting Mystery/Thriller, published on 3rd August 2021. It is a novel full of twists- featuring friendships, obsession with Attention, and deep anger that adds suspense as well as intrigue.
Published:- 3rd August 2021.
Pages:- 368.

Contents Of This Page:-

  1. Premise and characters of the novel.
  2. Book Review
  3. Trigger Warning
  4. Different plot twists (Spoilers)
  5. The ending of the novel, with spoilers.

1) Premise And Characters:-

Jessica Miller has an invitation for a reunion from her former university called The University of Duquette. And It is the perfect opportunity to blind her classmates with beauty and success. Promoted to be a partner in a leading consultancy firm is quite an achievement. And she knows that this will impress her former classmates and the East house seven.
The East House 7 was a group notorious for getting into trouble. A decade ago they were popular for their friendship and their loyalty toward each other.
  • Jessica was the smart one, as well as the poor one out of the entire group.
  • Mint was Jessica’s sweetheart, Also the golden boy on campus.
  • Frankie was the star athlete.
  • Caro was the caretaker.
  • Jack was born into a religious family.
  • and last but not least was Heather, Jack’s girlfriend. She got everything on a silver platter, and she was also the bold one with the too big forehead. Unfortunately, she was also drugged and murdered and viciously stabbed 17 times by someone in the East House 7 group.

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Of course, this changed the course of their life. They are no longer as much in touch. 10 years later, Coop and Caro are engaged. Mint and Jessica are no longer together and Jessica has nightmares of a night she does not remember.
Police had found the murder weapon (scissors) below Jacks’ bed. The fact that they were seen fighting did not help his case. Now, A decade later, Heathers’ brother Eric knows that Jack is innocent. He knows that someone who belonged to East House 7 is a murderer. And he is dead set to find who.

2) Book Review On In My Dreams I Hold A Knife:-

This book was set in a dual timeline, one during their life in university and another during the time of their reunion. The alternating POV was much needed due to the plot.  It provides an insight into the East House 7 thought process. They are unlikeable complex which added intrigue and anticipation to the plot of the novel.
This novel gave me a young adult genre vibe due to most scenes taking place during the university period. It not only goes over the murder, but it deep dives into the friendship these characters share. The start of the novel focuses on how Jessica and her friends meet and how their friendship progress. Then it dives straight into what they have been hiding from each other all these years while discovering what happened on the night of the murder.

3) Trigger warning:-

This book has discussions on substance use, addiction, sexual abuse, and violence. There are also a few scenes with homophobia. Discussions on this topic are not graphic in nature.

4) The Plot Twists And The Highlight Of This Book (Spoilers):-

In ‘ In My dreams, I hold a knife’, This Dark Academia explores its side characters to the fullest. Their thoughts and trauma were an integral part of this novel. 
This book takes a peek at every member of east house 7 and the difference between them is glaringly obvious. While Heather was obsessed with right or wrong, Jessica craved and loved the attention. Mint was running from the embarrassment that his father caused, Frankie was taking steroids. Caro was spying on people, whereas Coop was selling drugs and hooking up with Jessica behind Mints back. Let’s not forget Jack who was bi-sexual and we have a concoction of secrets piled up in the group.
The way our author explores these people and lays out their familial secrets makes them a little bit real. What I loved the most was the dark campus atmosphere. It shows us the heights some people go to get what they want. It shows us what a persons’ anger can make them do. Above all, It shows us how our thoughts mold our actions and make us the people we are today.

5) The Ending Of In My Dreams I Hold A Knife(Spoilers):-

Jessica cheated on Mint with Coop, and that made Mint feel humiliated in front of his other classmates. She was no longer looking at Mint as a golden boy, and it fuelled his anger towards her. It made him want to take revenge. So, he thought of humiliating her in front of the entire student body and he wanted to see her beg for forgiveness. But, she does not show up at the party.
Heather was feeling disoriented as she was drugged by Caro at the party, and she ended up stumbling into Jessica’s bed. Mint was angry at Jessica, so he impulsively plunged the knife aiming at Jessica’s bed. With an intention of killing Jessica, he killed Heather instead.
Further, at the end of the novel, we see that as Mint was washing blood in the bathroom, A drunk Jessica had stumbled into the room and saw Heather in a bad condition. She was going to call the police as Heather was still alive, but her jealousy made her leave Heather alone, and take a turn for Coop’s dorm instead.
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