False Witness By Karin Slaughter Book Review

False Witness By Karin Slaughter, A Bestselling Thriller Novel- Filled With Legal Intrigue And A Sledgehammer Ending.

False Witness By Karin Slaughter, the 4th standalone novel released on 20th July 2021, is the best legal thriller book written in the year 2021.

false witness by karin slaughter

Premise Of The Novel:-

Leigh Collier is a mother to her 16-year-old daughter Maddie. She is the up-and-coming defense lawyer at Bradly, Canfield, And Marks Lawfirm. Competing against ‘hundreds of baby lawyers’ is not an easy task. But Leigh had done everything in her power to ensure a normal life for her family. With a background as gruesome as her, she wants nothing but a normal life.
Then there is Callie, whose life is filled with horrors from the past. She had fallen prey to the predator Buddy Waleski, A pedophile who had affairs behind his wife’s back. He was a criminal. when Callie came to know that Buddy was filming them having sex and earning money from it, She was furious. In a rage where she went to call his wife, Buddy snapped, and in an act of self-defense, Callie killed Buddy Waleski.
Now, It’s been decades since that incident. And there is yet another case. Andrew Tenant, the accused rapist, fires the best defense lawyer in the country. He instead makes a special request for Leigh Collier to take the case. Andrew is also wealthy. with his father’s name and his white supremity, he fears no one. He claims at being innocent and asks for a Jury instead of a judge.

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Everything about him sets warning bells to Leigh. She is first wary that he knows her name when they haven’t met before. But later on, after closer inspection, they realize that they know each other well. Leigh is Callie’s sister. And she might have had a hand in Buddy’s case than what anyone knew. And Andrew is well aware of this fact.
So now, the monster holds all the cards in his hands. His demand to prove him innocent increases tenfold. They will not end at the trail. He decides to torment and intimidate her even after the case. Add her boss’s supervision, And Leigh is finally understanding the complexities of her situation.
She plans to retaliate. And what better way than to enlist the help of her sister Callie. Callie had succumbed to addiction but still loves Leigh with fervor. This makes the two of them as deadly as the man who has targeted them.
Combines deceptive sensitivity to the complexities of the characters’ intricate relationships. And what you get is a sledgehammer ending.

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Book Review:-

Anyone who has read Karin Slaughter knows that she doesn’t hold back when it comes to describing brutality and depravity. The author’s False Witness is no exception. It is not, however, Pretty Girls, which is the most gruesome book I have ever read. In her 500+ page novel, she discusses issues such as child abuse, pedophilia, horrific rapes, and drug addiction.

In terms of storytelling and characters, she is dependable. Her story is intriguing and realistic since it involves buried truths from the past while also managing life during the pandemic.

Trigger Warning:-

descriptions of sexual assault, child sexual abuse, and the production of child sexual abuse materials.

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