Billy Summers By Stephen King Book Review

Billy Summers By Stephen King. A Good Guy Working a Bad Job. A Thrilling Story That Is Engrossing And A Page Turner.

Billy Summers By Stephen King

Billy Summers by Stephen King is a new thriller, released on 3 August 2021. His usual work contains supernatural themes and elements. Except, this time, his novel involves a hitman or an assassin, who only kills bad guys, making it his best book yet. Instead of focusing on fantasy elements, this trope gives it a thriller vibe, that is engrossing and full of twists.

Premise Of The Novel Billy Summers By Stephen King:-

Billy sees himself as a ‘garbage man’ with a gun. His knack is to dispose of bad guys, and his specialty is guns. And, it always has to be a bad person, it makes him sleep better at night. It’s not a bad deal too. As he does not have any problem with bad people paying him money, to dispose of the other bad guy. Where’s the harm right? And it’s a win-win situation.
Being a veteran of the Iraq war, he has seen his fair share of violence. His dead killed sister, an abused mother, also his friends getting blown up to pieces are some out of many. Even then, he likes people, he likes to keep them at an arm’s length. In his line of business, where he has killed no less than 17 people, it’s best to not involve someone else.
Billy’s first kill was when he saw his mother’s boyfriend abusing his 9-year-old sister. Instead of saving her, a scared Billy ran to the man’s room, took a gun, and shot the man who was abusing his sister. He was too late by then. His sister Caroline was already dead. It is one of his regrets in life. It is also an instance that he will write about later in his book.
So now that Billy is retiring, Nick Majarian has one last job for him. And Billy knows it is about to be similar to the plots we see in a book or movies. Where the last job becomes anything but straightforward and easy. But this job is one of the good ones. With a target that is easy to dislike.
This time but, Nick is a middle man, who is getting a hefty price for recommending Billy. And the agent Billy is working for, he is sharp and lean at mind, Which is unlike his pudgy frame.
The offer is too good to be true. It has a hefty price. And there’s a catch. There’s always a catch. Billy isn’t aware of what it is yet. He knows one thing, getting this job done will enable him many warm vacations. And of course, Pina colada’s on the side. And even better is the fact that the guy is a hitter. He is also rumored to have killed a 15-year-old honor student, Just to pass a warning to his father. The guy’s name is Joel Allan. No one can get any worse than that right?

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Billy Summers By Stephen King Book Review
Out of all the crimes, Joel is getting questioned in jail for attempted murder, And two assault cases. All Billy has to do is kill him from his office, using an M24, while he is getting released from jail. If he gets the job done, then he gets paid 2 Million Dollars, with 500k in advance. Except there’s a catch. He has to spend six weeks to six months, in a neighborhood, being a commoner, So that no one can suspect.
And his cover story? That he is a writer, who is working on a top-notch book. Here comes his second identity as David Lockridge.

David was a construction worker, who barely finished high school, having a dream of writing a book. After several failed attempts and finally, he has some recognition on his blogs. And now, finally, after sending letters to publishers, he has heard back from an agent. That agent was Georgie Russo. The one who has ordered Billy to kill the hitter.

Now, a lifelong dream is starting to take root. With a book to write, David has to act as a nice man, being neighborly and blending in the city of Red Gulf. Except, what he is looking for, is his next kill.

As Billy’s or rather David’s novel progresses, he becomes increasingly confident with time.

All is going well, except it is not. Things start to go asinine. And everything will get complicated when he saves a young woman. Troubled and molested Alice was not someone who Billy expected to enter his life. Nor did he expect to have strong feelings on the matter.  Neither did he expect that he would crave revenge. A revenge that is anything but sweet. Alice becomes an important person for Billy.

And what follows is a page-turner novel that is revolting and chaotic, with a twist and an end that will leave its readers breathless.

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  1. I have wanted to read this novel since a long time. I have been anticipating it from the last year. After reading Stephen king ‘It’ novel, and even his ‘the institute book’ I fell in love with his writing. Now that Billy summers is out, every one is harping over the internet, wanting to buy it. And its worth reading him over the Holloween right? I am going to pick this up soon. As it sounds interesting from the review. Can you next review death of Jane Lawrence? I heard it’s another good one. Will love to read it.

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