All Her Little Secrets By Wanda M Morris Book Review

All Her Little Secrets By Wanda M Morris. A Debut Corporate Thriller, Featuring Competition That Is Both Racist And Sexist.

Within the first chapter of All Her Little Secrets, We see Ellice Littlejohn finding the dead body of her boss at her workplace. And little does she know, That her boss’s death will be the least of her worries. 

Premise Of The Novel:-

All her little secrets by wanda m morris book review
A peak for a corporate lawyer becomes a life-threatening cage.
If promotion to the seat on the executive board turns out to be a trap, What would you do then?
Success for Ellice Littlejohn is rare, She has dealt with hurdles that other lawyers haven’t. She is at the age of 40, and being black hasn’t made life easy. Especially in Atlanta, A city that looks vibrant and diverse, a city that is yet unable to shed its racist history.
Ellice has a past that could ruin her career if she didn’t shape her image otherwise. No one knows that her childhood was in a small, grindingly poor Georgia town, which she escaped because of certain things that happened in her life. Crafting her life by escaping to an elite boarding university was the only thing to work out well.
After all this effort, her present life doesn’t look promising either.
Everything shifts on a chilling January morning. Having an affair with Michael Sayles, an executive director in Houghton Transportation’s legal department was a mistake that cannot be undone. He is white, charming, and married, and when she receives a call from him for an early morning meeting, she arrives to find him dead.
It looks like a suicide, but it’s better for someone else to find him than Ellice right?
So She lets someone else find her boss’s dead body and leaves her involvement hidden. Ellice knew her priorities. The relationship was based on friends with benefits situation with Michael. Even then, her life feels blown to pieces.
Among these events, the least expected happens. Being promoted to be the legal head in an all-white and family-owned corporation is never easy. The CEO thought it to be a great change due to the lack of diversity. But even then, Ellice experiences unwelcomed responses from the board as she starts her work, despite the support of her southern CEO, Nate Ashe. The more she uncovers secrets about her boss’s death, the more alarmed she feels. During all this, her own secrets come forward. 
Ellice’s past and present lives collide unexpectedly, sending her into a heart-pounding race. A race to save the brother that she failed years before and thwart a scheme far more dangerous than she could have imagined.

Book Review on All Her Little Secrets By Wanda M Morris:-

Attorney Morris, as a black woman puts her experiences in her novel by forming the fictional character of Ellice. Many webs get tangled due to the involvement of deceit, crime, and corporate corruption, contributed by the decisions of a questionable board of lawyers.

Morris builds the plot to be engrossing with convincing features about corporate trickery. The author smartly showcases the moral and ethical dilemmas that Ellice goes through, after being promoted to the executive position. 

She also provides insights into Atlanta’s racist and sexist behavior. One of the people who shaped Ellice was Vera Henderson, A fierce woman who raised her and her brother. The now dementia patient was known for defending children and women. The author skillfully paints a picture of their heart-warming, yet painful relation.

This novel is engrossing to the point where it leaves you at the edge of your seat. It has morally grey characters and intense moments, and it is also fast-paced and easy to read. This book is best for people who like politics, with contemporary themes thrown in the mix. Fans of the series ‘How to get away with murder, and The Firm By John Grisham’ should pick this one up.

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