A Flicker In The Dark By Stacy Willingham Summary

A Flicker In The Dark By Stacy Willingham Summary (Section-wise)   

    A flicker in the dark by stacy willingham summary

In brief- this suspense thriller features an unreliable character, who is trying to distinguish reality from fiction.
Release date:- January 11, 2022
Page count:- 368

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  • Cast of characters.
  • Quick two para recap of A Flicker in the dark by Stacy Willingham Summary.
  • A summary on A Flicker in the dark by Stacy Willingham (Section-wise).

The cast of characters:-

Chloe Davis:- Psychologist and the main character, Born in Breaux bridge.
Daniel Briggs:- Chloe’s fiance and born in Baton Rouge
Cooper Davis:- Chloe’s brother
Richard Davis:- Chloe and Cooper’s father and the one in jail.
Mona Davis:- Chloe and Cooper’s mother. Currently in Riverside care centre.
Lena Rhodes:- The first girl who went missing in July. Chloe was 12 years old then.
Bert Rhodes:- Lena’s father.
Aaron Jansen:- The journalist from the New York Times.
Aubrey Gravino:- The first one to go missing after 20 years of Richards murders. Chloe is 32 at this point.
Lacey Deckler:- The second girl to go missing after Aubrey
Detective Thomas:- The one in charge of investigating the murders of Aubrey Gravino and Lacey Deckler’s disappearance.
Shannon:- Chloe’s friend and ex-co-worker
Riley:- Shannon’s stepdaughter
Melissa:- Receptionist of Chloe’s private clinic.
Detective Dooley:- In charge of the investigation of the missing girls 20 years ago.

A Quick 2 Para Recap Of A Flicker In The Dark By Stacy Willingham Summary:-

Chloe Davis is a psychologist whose father Richard had killed 6 girls when she was 12-years,-old. His victims were usually young girls, and he used to take their jewelry to add to his collection.
Lena was the first girl kidnapped and Chloe found her button ring piercing in the back of Richard’s closet, which sent him to jail.
It is now 20 years later, and now two girls have gone missing again. Aubrey Gravino and Lacey Deckler- both of the girls are missing, and their jewelry is also missing. Soon Chloe starts suspecting Daniel who is her fiance for the murders. Daniel also had a sister named Sophie, who went missing when he was 17 years old. Chloe is sure that Daniel is behind that case too. But, in the end, it is revealed that Cooper (Chloe’s brother) was behind the abductions and the killings. Richard had confessed to the crimes to save Cooper, thinking that he won’t kill girls anymore. Daniel had talked to her father and knew about Cooper being the murderer. And Daniel was actually the one who saved Sophie from their abusive father. Cooper goes to jail, Chloe’s engagement is off, and her father gets released from prison.

A Flicker In The Dark By Stacy Willingham Summary (Section-wise Summary):-

A flicker in the dark follows the perspective of Chloe Davis, who has moved from Breaux Bridge to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is the daughter of a psychopath, who ended up killing 6 girls when Chloe was 12 years old. This suspense novel flips between different timelines, to present the horrendous crime, committed by a preparator. While reading the novel, we not only realize how much Chloe has gone through in the past, but we also empathize with the crimes still happening now. This novel ends with Chloe uncovering the mystery of the copycat murderer, who is trying to replicate her father’s crime when its 20th anniversary is approaching.

Prologue:- Twenty years ago (July 1999)

We see our main character getting off her bus and running home into the safety of her father’s arm, not realizing that monsters are sometimes near you, right in your home.

Chapter 1:- Session with Lacey Deckler.

Present:- Doctor Chloe Davis is in her first session with Lacey Deckler, who is suffering from self-harm due to family issues. The fifteen-year-old feels anger as her father left her 2 years ago, which is something Doctor Chloe can also relate to. During her session, Lacey was trying to hide the scar on her wrist using a bracelet with wooden beads and a silver cross. Chloe and Lacey form a trusting bond, as doctor Chloe has also experienced similar events when she was 12 years old.

Chapter 2:- Call from Aaron Janson- The journalist.

Present:- Chloe saves the recordings of her conversation with Lacey into her laptop. She orders a prescription of 10 ml of Prozac for Lacey, and a refill of 4 ml of Xanax for ‘Daniel Briggs’ by sending a voicemail to a local pharmacy. When she is about to leave her office, Chloe gets a phone call from Aaron Janson, who is a journalist from The New York Times. The 20th anniversary of her father’s crime is approaching, and he wants to know her and her brother’s side of the story. Feeling irritated, She firmly tells him to not call her and her family again.

Chapter 3:- Buying prescription.

Past:- Chloe was 12 when girls not much older than her started to go missing. Her family home was situated in the middle of more than 10 acres of land in Breaux Bridge. By the end of the summer, a total of 6 girls went missing.
Present:- Chloe picks up Daniel and Lacey’s prescription from the pharmacy on her way home.

Chapter 4:- Engagement party.

Present:- When she gets home, in the car, she pops open the Xanax prescription and takes one pill to feel relief from anxiety. Chloe opens her house door to find a surprise engagement party thrown by her Fiancé Daniel Briggs. A total of 30-40 people were invited, out of which, her friend Shannon, Shannon’s 15-year-old daughter named Riley, and her husband Bill. Daniel and Chloe met a year ago, and Chloe has been using his name to get prescription drugs for herself. Their first meet was at Baton Rouge General Hospital, where Daniel put his business card in Chloe’s book of “Midnight in the garden of good and evil”.

Chapter 5:- Cooper’s disapproval of Chloe and Daniel’s relationship.

When Chloe heads out to take a breather, she meets her brother Cooper, who has recently broken up with his girlfriend Laurel. Cooper is 35 years old and looks like a ‘Silver Fox’. One of the reasons why Cooper disapproves of her & Daniel’s relationship is that they have only been dating for a year. Cooper thinks that, because of Chloe’s past, Daniel might not be dating her for the right reasons. Also, Daniel is working in Pharmaceutical sales. Chloe makes it clear that her wedding with Daniel is happening, with or without Cooper.
Their argument is interrupted by Daniel, who joins them outside, and tells Chloe the effort Cooper had put in for the engagement party. Chloe feels bad and understands that Cooper is a bit protective and apologizes for fighting with him. Cooper informs to Chloe that he had gotten a call to come and visit their mother. So, this time Cooper was taking the turn to visit her.

Chapter 6:- The venue and date of Chloe’s wedding.

Daniel and Chloe have decided their wedding to be in July, which is also the anniversary of her father’s crime. The ring that Daniel gave her was a family heirloom from the Victorian era, handed down by his great great grandmother.
Their wedding day is 26th July in Cypress Stable, and the venue eerily reminds Chloe of her family home in Louisiana. Even the month of July brings up memories of the past. At the venue, They noticed a shy 15-year-old girl sitting on the rocking chairs, who sometimes visited as the venue is owned by her grandmother.

Chapter 7:- The news of Aubrey Gravino’s disappearance

Louisiana is one of the three states where psychologists can prescribe drugs to their patients. Chloe did not become a psychologist so that she could sidestep and buy drugs for herself. But she tries to reason with herself, that she only takes drugs whenever she is dealing with stress. We do not realize how severe the issue is, until later in the story. 
Doctor Chloe understands trauma in a way that schooling can never teach. And the real reason why she opened her own practice was to help teenagers with their mental health.
Daniel has given all the responsibility for wedding planning to Chloe and he only has two conditions.
  • No fondant cake
  • No invitation to his parents
While trying to think who would walk Chloe down the aisle, there is a broadcasting of the disappearance of Aubrey Gravino on the television. The 15-year-old high schooler was reported missing by her parents 5 days ago. She was last seen walking alone near a cemetery. Aubrey’s picture looks vaguely familiar but Chloe is not able to identify her.

Chapter 8:- All the girls who went missing 20 years ago

Past:- Lena, Robin, Margaret, Carrie, Susan, Jill were the girls murdered by Richard (Chloe’s father). Lena was the first girl to disappear, and her personality was at complete odds with her looks. She was vulgar, she looked innocent, and she was also nice to Chloe. Lena’s father, Bert Rhodes was an absolute mess when his daughter went missing. There was one moment with Lena that sticks out, a moment that sent Chloe’s father to jail at the end of September. When Richard was being taken away by the police, he looked at Cooper and Chloe and warned them to “Be Good”

Chapter 9:- Aubrey’s missing earrings

Present:- Chloe desperately needed fresh air After watching the news about Aubrey’s disappearance. While driving around town, she impulsively took a turn towards the cemetery where Aubrey was last seen. There were journalists, police investigators, as well as a search party, all trying to find a lead. While looking around, a woman ended up finding one of Aubrey’s earing. It had three diamonds forming a triangle, with a pearl dangling from it. Choe touches it until a police officer tells her to not tamper with the evidence and takes the earring from her.

Chapter 10:- Flashback to crawfish festival in early May.

past:- The last Crawfish festival in 1999, was Chloe’s favourite festival. She and Cooper met Lena at the festival, where she was mesmerized by Lena’s firefly button ring piercing. as it glowed in the dark.
Also, not realizing Chloe takes a huge gulp of vodka from Lena’s bottle, which left her semi-drunk for the rest of the festival. If it weren’t for this festival, Chloe would not have been able to identify the belly button ring later- when she found it in the back of her father’s closet.

Chapter 11:- Richard’s plea deal

Present:- Memories of Chloe’s father come rushing back after seeing Aubrey’s earring, so she went to her office, and took an Ativan to cope with the stress. While researching about Aaron from The New York times, Chloe reads the news about Aubrey’s body being found by the police at the cemetery.
Past:- Chloe and Cooper saw Richards (Chloe’s father) trial on television. When the Jury asked why Richard murdered the girls, he told the world that there was a darkness in him that only comes out at night. Charged with 6 murders, Richard was able to get a plea deal in exchange for showing the place where he kept the girl’s dead bodies. As promised, he took the police behind the yard of the house, where there were remnants of the girls but not the actual bodies. The police assumed that the dead bodies might have been taken away by the animals. We also get to know how Chloe’s family were getting harassed by the residents after her father went to jail. There was a rock thrown at her mother’s window, and there was another young boy who kept taking a peek at the family out of fascination. A lot of shouting and screaming followed, until Chloe’s brother Cooper went out and defended his family.

Chapter 12:- Daniel’s sister Sophie & Lacey’s Disappearance.

Past:- Chloe’s first date with Daniel was after 3 weeks of meeting him at the hospital. She met him for drinks and did not suspect any malicious intent from him, so she told him about her family a few weeks later. Daniel was not aware of Richard’s crime, as he did not listen to the news during his teenage yearsIn return, he shared something important from his past. Sophie, Daniel’s sister went missing when he was 17 years old. Sophie was 13 at that time. 
Present:- When she gets to her office the next day, she finds her receptionist Melissa crying at her desk. Another girl is missing, and this time it is Lacey Deckler, the 15-year-old who had an appointment with Chloe.

Chapter 13:- Lacey’s disappearance

Past:- Robin was the second girl to go missing, and she was the complete opposite of Lena. Robin was bookish and smart, and when she went missing- It was a confirmation that someone was targeting these girls.
Present:- Lacey was walking to her friend’s home after her session with Chloe, but she never reached it. And, Chloe was the last person to have seen Lacey before the abduction. Hence, she finds Detective Thomas and colleague Colin Doyle waiting for her in her office to question her the next morning.

Chapter 14:- Detective Thomas and Colin Doyle

Past:- While trying to find makeup and scarves in her mother’s closet, Chloe came across a jewellery box with Lena’s button ring on it. Later Chloe and her mother gave the button ring to the detective for evidence.
Present:- While talking to the investigators, she recognized Colin Doyle from the cemetery. He had taken Aubrey’s earrings from Chloe’s hand when they were found by a woman. But, she did not want to be at the centre of the investigation, so she lied to Colin that they have never met. She also refused to answer the questions about Lacey’s session, as Chloe was not bound to reveal anything because of Client Confidentiality.

Chapter 15:- Mona’s suicide attempt, & Aaron visiting Mona in the hospital.

Past:- A few months following Richard’s arrest, Chloe’s mother tried to hang herself using Richard’s leather belt. But, the wooden beam of the leather belt snapped, making her fall and eventually putting her in a one-month Coma. Her eyes were bulging and her skin looked purple, and amidst it, Chloe called 911 whereas Cooper performed CPR.
Present:- Chloe was visiting her mother at the Riverside Care centre to talk to her about the murders. Her mother listened and even though her face was expressionless, she would tap a lone finger to communicate with Chloe. During Chloe’s visit, she came to know that her mother had a visit from the journalist Aaron Janson, who had called her for an interview regarding the anniversary.

Chapter 16:- The Copycat Murderer

Chloe agrees to meet Aaron at the Brewhouse cafe near the lake. Aaron confesses the reason he wanted to meet Chloe. It was to talk to her about Aubrey’s and Lacey’s disappearance. He finds similarities between the murders 20 years ago and the murders that were happening now. He believes that they are dealing with a copycat, someone who wants to replicate these murders. And he thinks that a body will be found dead when the week is over.

Chapter 17:-  Chloe submits evidence 20 years ago

Past:- After giving the button ring to the detective, Chloe admits that her father was looking at Lena during the festival. She also told them that she had seen him with a shovel at night.

Chapter 18:- Lacey’s body discovered.

Chloe is thinking about the missing girls and the similarities between the abductions in the past and the present when Daniel wakes up. They get intimate, during which Daniel squeezes Chloe’s neck, scaring her and making her scream. She feels ashamed as she shrank away from his touch but they are interrupted when she gets a call from Detective Thomas informing her about Lacey’s body. Her body was wedged in an alleyway behind Chloe’s office. They wanted Chloe to take a look at it to recognize any differences from now and before.

Chapter 19:- Bracelet missing from Lacey’s arm.

Chloe reaches the morgue where detective Thomas is waiting for her. He informs her that Lacey was drugged during the abduction and her death cause was strangulation. Her hair contained heavy traces of Diazepam, and her body which was wedged behind the dumpster- had ligature marks on it. Also, the ligature marks on her arm implied that she had died laying on her back. Chloe remembers that the alleyway is small and narrow and that there is no place to hide the body. The finger marks on Lacey’s neck were the same size and had the same space between them- which was similar to Aubrey’s body. It was the garbageman who saw Lacey’s body falling out while he was collecting garbage from that alleyway.
While looking at the purple scar on Lacey’s wrist, she remembers how Lacey was trying to do it with a bracelet. It had wooden beads with a silver cross on it. But the same bracelet was missing from Lacey’s body when it was found in the alley.

Chapter 20:- Calling Aaron.

Present:- Chloe leaves the morgue and reaches her car. At this point, her brain is going overdrive with Aaron’s theory of copycat murderer (Chapter 16). The fact that both Lacey and Aubrey were 15 years old, similar to her father’s victim profile 20 years ago made her believe the theory. Also, the fact that Chloe saw Aubrey’s earrings, and the fact that Lacey was abducted right after her session- Implied a connection between the murderer and Chloe. She thought that maybe the killer wanted Chloe to know about the killings. So, instead of returning home to Daniel, she calls Aaron to meet him instead.

Chapter 21:- Suspecting Bert Rhode (Lena’s father)

Past:-After giving Lena’s button ring to the detective, Chloe and her mother (Mona) had two choices. They could either stay at the station until the police had a warrant against Richard, or they could go home and keep quiet. Her mother chose the second option and found Richard sitting in the living room. He wanted to speak with Mona, to ask her if she was hiding something.
Present:- When Chloe tells Aaron that she was seriously considering the copycat theory, she ends up sharing about a moment with Lena in the past.
Lena taught Chloe how to unlock a door using Chloe’s Library card. They experimented on Cooper’s door, and he caught them opening it. But there was one odd detail that Lena ended up sharing with Chloe. It was that Lena’s parents used to lock her in her room whenever Lena was grounded as a punishment.
Chloe also shares how Aubrey’s necklace and Lacey’s Bracelet were missing. This was precisely like her father’s crime, where he used to collect his victim’s jewelry.
Aaron explained to Chloe how the mind of a copycat killer works. Of how they usually revere or reviled the murderer. They either hated them or admired their work and followed them
She also ends up remembering Bert Rhodes, who has a quick temper. And he was the only one who reviled Chloe’s father the most. There was something off with him, and he grieved his daughter differently than the other families who lost their daughter.

Chapter 22:- Mona cheating on Richard, Bert Rhodes living in Baton Rouge.

Past:- There was a play called ‘Grease’ at the Breaux Bridge High School annual end, and Cooper as well as Lena had taken a part in it. Lena was ‘Sandy’- one of the important characters, whereas Cooper had a tertiary role called ‘Student 3’. Chloe remembers that Richard had found 3 seats beside Lena’s family. She also remembers her mom and Bert Rhodes (Lena’s father) looking extremely uncomfortable. Chloe’s father Richard was sitting between them.
Later Chloe realized the reason for their discomfort. Bert Rhodes had come to their house to do security work in the backyard. She remembers her mother inviting Bert inside. She realized later on that her mother had cheated on her father.
Bert thought that the reason behind Richard killing Lena- was to seek retaliation for him sleeping with Mona. So when Richard was arrested, the rock that came hurtling towards Mona’s window, as well as the tire slashes on Richard’s car- They were all caused by Bert’s anger.
Present:- Chloe is searching about Bert Rhodes when she stumbles upon a company named ‘Alarm Security system’. She realizes that Bert has moved to Baton Rouge in Louisiana and is working at the security company. Daniel enters her room, and out of panic, she slams her laptop shut. Daniel was comforting her, but he grabs the laptop from Chloe and sees her researching the website of ‘Alarm security System’. He does not recognize Bert Rhodes but thinks that Chloe she is afraid due to the girls disappearing/ He tries to comfort her and agrees to install the security system for Chloe. 

Chapter 23:- Unexpected visitor.

Present:– Daniel has left for Lafayette. With an increasing suspicion of Bert, Chloe calls Aaron and tells him about her theory. Bert Rhodes has been out of jail due to public drunkenness. He had also assaulted his wife, and they were getting a divorce as he had strangled her. They both agree that she should tell the cops about Bert, but Chloe wants to find concrete evidence before she goes to the police. While talking to Aaron, She hears her doorbell ring and opens it to find Bert Rhodes standing outside.

Chapter 24:- Bert’s obsession with Chloe’s father. 

Daniel wanted to reassure Chloe, so while leaving for work, he ended up calling Bert’s company to get the security system installed. When she opens the door, she is scared to find Bert standing outside. She pretends that she does not know him. Nor does she tell him her identity. So she lets Bert in and agrees to install cameras as well. She also signs the papers with ‘Elizabeth Briggs’ name, which is her middle name along with Daniel’s last name.
Chloe wanted to confirm her suspicion of Bert being the killer.
After a lot of prodding from Chloe, Bert confesses that he recognized Chloe from the start. Bert had moved to Baton Rouge to get a new start from his divorce. He had also seen her on the Baton Rouge Hospital article where she used to work. He was bitter that Chloe had a nice home, a fiance, and her own practice- while Lena was killed by Richard. Bert also confesses his obsession with Richard, and shared his curiosity to know what taking a life would feel like.

Chapter 25:- Chloe gives a lead about Bert Rhodes to detective Thomas.

Chloe meets Detective Thomas to share her suspicions on Bert Rhodes. She had to tell him about her father and the copycat theory. He asks Chloe’s link with Aubrey, as part of her theory was that the copycat is leaving traces for her to find and that he is targeting the girls that she links to. she ends up feeling uncomfortable at the police station.

Chapter 26:- Finding Aubrey’s necklace in the closet.

Chloe takes a Xanax to calm her mind after returning from the police station. Cooper visits her and sees a bottle of Xanax on the dining table with Daniel’s name on it. He thinks that they are Daniel’s prescription. They get into an argument when Cooper again voices his disapproval of Chloe’s engagement. Feeling hurt, Cooper leaves the extra set of house keys with Chloe. Chloe falls asleep after too many drinks and dreams of herself walking with a shovel in hand. There is a bell ringing which scares Chloe. To protect herself, she flings the closet door open to find the gun they have hidden there for security. However, she sees a jewelry box, and present in the box is Aubrey’s missing necklace having three diamonds a pearl dangling.

Chapter 27:- Honey and vanilla perfume on Daniel.

When there is a knock on her room door, Chloe instinctively shoves the Jewellery box underneath the UCLA sweatshirt. Daniel had returned home because he missed Chloe. She smells honey and vanilla perfume mixed with sweat on his body. He looked tired and exhausted, but he apologizes for startling her and heads to take a shower. Chloe did not tell him about the necklace, nor does she ask him about the perfume.

Chapter 28:- Hospital emergency

It is the next morning, and Chloe’s wariness with Daniel has increased. All thoughts of Bert Rhodes as the murderer have left her mind. After checking the closet for Aubrey’s necklace, she notes with a sinking heart that Aubrey’s necklace is missing. She is now suspecting Daniel instead. 
When she goes downstairs, we see that Daniel has prepared a surprise for her, and he tells her to get ready in 20 minutes. However, she gets a call from Cooper, informing her that their mother is not eating well. That there is an emergency at the hospital.

Chapter 29:- Mona knows the killer.

Chloe rushes out of the door in 5 minutes and Daniel follows suit. When they both reach the hospital, they meet Cooper in her mother’s room. Cooper stares at Daniel in the same way he stared at his father while watching the trail. His gaze was cold, unblinking, and communicated pure distrust for Daniel. 
Dr. Glenn informs Chloe and her brother that Mona has not been eating well and had lost 10 pounds of weight.
Chloe suspects that her mom wasn’t eating because she knew the killer. 
Chloe asks Daniel and Cooper to leave the room so that she can have a moment with her mother. When the room is empty, Chloe is startled to find her mother staring wide-eyed for the first time in decades. Chloe’s mom always communicated by tapping a single finger. So when Chloe asks if she knows anything about the murders, her mother taps her finger to say yes.

Chapter 30:-Chloe remembers her link with Aubrey Gravino.

Chloe asks her mother if the murderer’s name starts with a D and if the name follows with an A. Her mother taps her finger, which confirms Chloe’s wariness for Daniel. She knows that he is the killer, but there is no evidence against him. After that, she meets the Doctor and gets assurance that her mother is not in serious threat. 
Daniel takes Chloe kayaking as a surprise. He is sitting behind Chloe in the boat, and they can see the view of cypress stables (her wedding location) from the boat. Something nags at her memory while looking at the rocking chairs on the porch of Cypress Stable. She remembers the fifteen-year-old, sitting on the chairs while they were booking the venue. 
Here, we see the connection between Aubrey and Chloe. Aubrey was the teenager, who was sitting on the rocking chair when Daniel and Chloe booked the venue for their wedding.

Chapter 31:-Chloe gets ready to find the evidence.

Chloe is on the Cypress Stables website when Melissa walks in. She remembers that Lacey was taken after their session and before Chloe’s engagement party. She asks Melissa if Daniel was late for the event that day. Cooper and Melissa were the first ones to arrive, whereas Daniel arrived late, about 20 minutes before the party. He took a shower, and Chloe suspects that it was to remove the evidence of Lacey’s abduction from his body. Further, Chloe asks Melissa to clear her schedule for the rest of Thursday and Friday.

Chapter 32:- Bert Rhode demanding a restraining order

It is on Thursday that Chloe lies to Daniel about having a bachelorette party in New Orleans. The purpose of lying was to find the concrete evidence against him. But, she is not expecting to see Detective Thomas waiting for her in her office. 
Detective Thomas had investigated Bert Rhodes on Chloe’s statement, but Bert, in turn, had made serious allegations against Chloe. He asked for a restraining order against her, and he believes that Chloe had lured him into her house- by calling the company to order their services. He also informs them how Chloe had prodded him for further information and feels threatened by Chloe’s stalking. Feeling outraged, Chloe tried to explain her side. But detective Thomas does not believe her and reminds her of Ethan Walker’s case in college.

Chapter 33:- The incident during college

Past:- Chloe was at a college party where her roommate Sarah- introduced Chloe to Ethan Walker- who later became her boyfriend for 8 months.

Chapter 34:- Ethan Walker

Detective Thomas reminds Chloe of the incident with Ethan Walker, her ex-boyfriend. Ethan had cheated on Chloe with Sarah, and Sarah was living at Ethan’s home to hide her pregnancy (She ended up having a miscarriage). This is when Chloe thought that Sarah had gone missing and suspected Ethan to be the preparator. So she broke into Ethan’s home, after which Ethan ended up filing a restraining order against Chloe.
Detective Thomas is of the opinion that Chloe has distrust in men due to her father, and advises her to get help.

Chapter 35:- Meeting Diane

Chloe, ignoring the detective’s advice, reaches the motel, where she has also invited Aaron (journalist). They are then on their way to meet Diane, who is the mother of the girl that went missing.

Chapter 36 + 37:- Diane is Danial’s mother. 

Turns out, Diane is actually Daniels’s mother, and Sophie is his sister who went missing at the age of 13. Diane tells her how both- her husband and Daniel were tempered. She also suspects Daniel is behind Sophie’s disappearance. Chloe asks Diane if she can take a look at Daniel’s bedroom. In his room, there was a copy of the book “Midnight in the garden of good and evil”. They’re tucked inside were the newspaper clippings of Richard’s crimes and the victims. This confirms her suspicions of Daniel’s involvement in the crime.

Chapter 38:- Sophies ring. Aaron & Chloe’s hook up.

Chloe returns downstairs, and she holds Diane’s hand with the intention to comfort her. During which, Diane sees the ring on Chloe’s finger and recognizes it as the family heirloom passed on to Sophie. Chloe is flabbergasted as she was unaware that the ring belonged to Sophie. Diane begs Chloe to tell her how she has Sophie’s ring. Not wanting to explain the whole thing, Chloe and Aaron end up getting in the car and fleeing from Diane’s home. Aaron realizes that Daniel is the preparator as well as Chloe’s fiance. 
Chloe explains to Aaron how she had also found some suspicious receipts in Daniel’s briefcase. He used to visit Angola, A home to the largest security prison in town, which is also home to her father Richard. When Aaron believes her, she felt emotional and grateful and they hooked up with each other. Aaron however had to meet his editor in regards to the article. So he gives Chloe 2 Xanax and leaves while Chloe falls asleep.

Chapter 39:- Riley is missing (Shannon’s daughter)

It is 10 p. m on Friday when Chloe wakes up to calls and voicemails from her friends and Daniel. Shannon’s daughter Riley has gone missing and she needs Chloe’s help to find Riley. Chloe is certain that Daniel has taken Riley, And Daniel knows that Chloe is not at a Bachelorette party. He leaves her a voicemail informing her that he will be back from work by the next morning. But, Chloe decides to go home, thinking that- if Daniel has not left, then at least she will be able to call the police.

Chapter 40:- Camera footage.

After reaching home Chloe realizes that Daniel has already left, and opens the camera footage to confirm it. She sees Daniel holding a necklace that oddly looked like Aubrey’s, and then she watches as Daniel turns off the living room’s light. Assuming that Daniel has left, Chloe tries to think of a place where he could have moved the bodies. A sudden realization makes her go to the Crawfish Capital of the country, meaning her hometown.

Chapter 41:- Chloe going to her hometown

When Chloe reaches her childhood home, she uses Aaron’s badge to open the door and remembers the trick Lena taught her back home.

Chapter 42:- Finding Riley and the abductor. 

Chloe walks in to find a figure slumped in the living room. Riley was unconscious and had a faint heartbeat, which gave Chloe some hope. A voice called out to her, and she recognized it as Aaron’s voice but she suddenly remembers how Aaron knew nothing about Riley’s disappearance. Suddenly, she realizer that she never confirmed Aaron’s identity. He was pretending to be Aaron by wearing similar clothes. Chloe realizes that he is also involved in the murder of the girls. Aaron confessed but tried to defend himself saying that someone else had made him do it, but Chloe takes out her gun and shoots Aaron instead.

Chapter 43:- Aaron Janson Or Tyler Price?

Chloe, sitting in the police department, confesses to everything that had perspired. Detective Thomas informed her that Aaron Janson was actually Tyler Price who had been in and out of jail for various offenses. He was also the kid who used to stalk Chloe’s family and watch them with sick fascination. Tyler was also seen at the cemetery. She further tells Detective Thomas about her suspicions of her fiance Danial.

Chapter 44:- Daniel saving Sophie

Danial was sitting in the living room when Chloe reached home. Chloe confronts Daniel and accuses him of murdering Aubrey and Lacey. However, Daniel confesses that he didn’t kill Sophie, he saved her instead.

Chapter 45 + 46:- The person behind the killings 20 years ago and now.

Daniel told her the truths about the murders!
Turns out, twenty years ago as well as now, it was Cooper who abducted the girls and killed them. Lena and the others died because he strangled them. Daniel was skeptical of Richard being the killer as did not fight during his arrest. He also found it odd that Richard always cared for Chloe when she reached home. So he was meeting Chloe’s father to ask him about the murders. Chloe’s father told the truth about Cooper being the one who killed the girls.
This was why there was animosity between Cooper and Daniel. All along Cooper was trying to frame Daniel for Aubrey’s and Lacey’s murder. He also went to extreme lengths, so that Chloe would not marry Daniel. He had put Aubrey’s necklace in Daniel’s closet during the partyRichard wanted to save Cooper, as he thought that Cooper would not commit further crime. That’s why Richard had confessed to the killings and told Cooper to be good when he was arrested by the cops.
Also Daniel’s sister Sophie is not dead. Her father was abusive towards Sophie, so Daniel helped her escape and sent money to her every month so that she can look after herself. She is now living in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Daniel used to frequently visit her, which also explained the vanilla and honey scent that Chloe smelled on him.
Later Cooper came to Chloe’s house for drinks, and he did not expect her to ask why Cooper had killed all the girls. Feeling unperturbed, he repeated his father’s line from the trial. There was a darkness that lived within him. The darkness that only came out at night he confessed.

Chapter 47:- Richard hiding the killer.

Tara King was the first one that Cooper killed. She was leaving the town due to her pregnancy, and he found it easy to strangle her. Nor did anyone see him do it, except, Lena. Lena watched as Cooper killed Tara, and she was exhilarated as she thought she had control over Cooper. She wasn’t flirting with him, but she was testing him and holding his cards. So Cooper killed Lena, and he killed another, and then another. It kept getting easier.
Cooper tried to convince Chloe to not call the police, and when she refused, he tried to kill her. But Chloe had mixed drugs in his drink, and Daniel as well as the detective were waiting outside to save her.
Also, Chloe’s father had found the jewelry box and Lena’s button ring in Cooper’s floorboard. He had kept the jewelry box in the back of the closet, as he was still figuring out how to handle the situation. 
Chloe then remembers that it was Cooper who came out with the shovel in hand and not her father. And she also realized that her father was looking at Coop and not Lena during the Crawfish Festival. Even Chloe’s mom knew about Cooper’s murder, and during her hospital visit, she was trying to point out that Richard, Chloe’s dad knew the criminal.

Chapter 48:- Meeting Sophie

It is the 26th of July, the day of Richard getting released. It is also supposed to be Chloe’s wedding date. But Chloe is visiting Sophie to return her engagement ring. It was Sophie’s idea to give Chloe the heirloom, which could somehow connect them even if they did not know each other. In the end, Chloe and Daniels wedding is off, her brother is in jail, and her father is getting released after submitting a public apology. 

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