The Burning Girls By C. J. Tudor Book Review

The Burning Girls By C. J. Tudor, A Riveting New Horror/Suspense, Perfect To Read This Fall Season.

The Burning Girls By C. J. Tudor
The Burning Girls By C. J. Tudor was published on 9th February 2021. It is set in a small town called Chapel Croft, which has a dark and sinister history. Add in unusual characters and this becomes a must-read for horror and mystery readers alike.

Plot And Book Review Of The Burning Girls By C. J. Tudor:-

Reverend Jack Brooks is transferred to a small village called Chapel Croft. And Jack is a girl. Forced to quit her job at St. Anne’s in the city of Nottingham, It left her no choice but to accept the job as interim vicar in the small shabby town. Being transferred to the Sussex village proves to be anything but pleasant.
Like Jack, Flo is not thrilled to move. Flo is Jack’s 15-year-old daughter, has an interest in photography. She has short ragged bob hair, a nose ring, and a camera that is always slung around her shoulder. The understanding that Jack needed a new start, Due to what happened at St. Anne’s made her not protest. After arriving, they hear some disheartening facts about the town’s history. A history no one informed them about.

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The village of Chapel Croft has experienced a lot of horrors in the past.
  • 500 years ago a tragedy had strike. Six protestant martyrs were burned in the fire. 2 girls named Abigail and Maggie were tortured and killed outside the chapel.
  • 30 years ago, Two girls named Merry lane and Joy Harris went missing. Reported to have run away without a trace. 
  • And now, one more event took place. Before Jack arrived, the vicar had hanged himself inside the chapel.
Joan, a village citizen knew Reverend Fletcher personally. The vicar died as a result of becoming curious about the missing girls. Finding shocking truth, led him to his death. As alleged by Joan.
Along with this history, strange things start happening. Flo sees a naked girl burning, with no arms and head. Jack sees on and off lights in the chapel, even after the chapel is empty. Along with that, Jack cannot make sense of the box. A box that contained an exorcism kit, with a knife having blood on it.
Meanwhile, Flo befriends a strange boy called Lucas Wrigley, who has his own shady past.

The Famous Harper Family:-

There is also the Harper family. A family harboring horrifying secrets, While maintaining their reputation with fundraising. They had ancestors in the village from 500 years back, during the protestants dying. Owning a farm and a slaughterhouse, there is something powerful yet uneasy about them. The family contains Simon Harper, His wife Emma Harper, With kids named Poppy and Rosie. Rosie is the same age as Flo. Poppy is young with a sensitive heart.
After a series of events, the Dead bodied start turning up. Also, some shocking secrets about the Harper family are discovered.
Along with it, there’s also Jack’s secret. She does not like to talk about her husband or her parents. All that Flo knows is that her father died when she was young. That he was also a Reverend. That Flo does not have any grandparents. and that her mother has no pictures from her childhood.
The author starts revealing these secrets, showing us how Jack’s past will catch up with her. The author starts to add the scare to the story, cranking it up as the novel progresses. Our protagonist Jack is also relatable and unusual. She is unlike any pastor I have read about. What are the chances of getting to read about a vicar who curses, has a complicated faith, and smokes right?
That is what makes the story a compelling read. Readers will notice Flo’s and Jack’s bond throughout the book. They both need each other for the end that’s coming. The end and twist of it will leave the reader breathless and uneasy.

Who Should Read This Novel?

Readers who like a straightforward writing style, Even beginners can read this novel. If you like horror, mystery, thriller, suspense, that is fast paces, then you should pick this one up. If you like a story that has a way with words, then this might not be for you.

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