Home Before Dark By Riley Sager Book Review

Home Before Dark By Riley Sager, A Fast Paced Horror That Makes For A Perfect Read This Halloween Season.

‘If you are looking for your next Halloween read in October, Home Before Dark By Riley Sager is the right book for you.’

Premise Of The Novel:-


home before dark by riley sager
Maggie’s family had bought the Baneberry hall when Maggie was 5 years old. Burrowed in the woods of Vermont, and known for its sprawling beauty lay the Baneberry mansion. Twenty days later, The family fled the Victorian manor in sudden haste. They flew with nothing but their clothes on, with all their luggage and furniture left behind. The same baneberry hall is now known for its haunting stories. Ewan Hold, Maggie’s father, turned their experiences into a memoir.
He recounts tales of supernatural experiences, Making them well-known 25 years after. The name of the memoir is House Of Horrors.
Now, Years later, Maggie who flips houses and sells them returns to the Baneberry hall. Even 25 years after, Her disbelief in her father’s memoir is quite evident. Her memory surrounding the event is quite blurry. Having had renovations in mind, Maggie did not expect uncanny events to happen. She experiences bizarre incidents. Incidents that might have sprung straight from the pages of her father’s memoir.
What Maggie thought of as a business venture turns into an opportunity to find hidden truths. To understand what led her father to sell a story that Maggie believes to be bogus. Her parents refused to talk about the past, which fuels Maggie’s driving curiosity.
A grieving Maggie who had lost her father inherits the baneberry hall and returns to it. This sinister place has more hidden secrets than she first believed. Maggie will not only discover the truth but will also come to know an event that will change her life. Through it, all is Baneberry hall, which is as still as one could expect.

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Book Review:-

Maggie refers to the memoir as ‘The Book’, which shows her hostility towards the novel. People recognize her through Ewan’s book. It has haunted her life, making it difficult to form closer social relationships. Seen as someone who was a victim, or someone who lied, Maggie realizes that she was neither.
The author uses Maggie’s bitterness and hostility, to drive the majority of the plot. He builds suspense and anticipation, keeping readers on their toes throughout.
Home before dark by Riley Sager flips back and forth between two timelines. One from the events remembered by Maggie when she was 5, and others from Maggie who is renovating the hall. The chapters are crisp and small, adding to the enjoyment that it gives in brief bursts.
Along with the pacing, the character’s frustrations are chilling events. They provide an atmospheric feel and setting, perfect for Halloween. The shocking twist of it will make the reader’s head spin in the best manner. It does not guarantee likable characters, but it does promise jump scares a chilling atmosphere and a thrill-filled end.
This novel felt like a different version of Haunting Of The Hill House. Both have different timelines and a memoir written in them. And the latter has characters and events that you remember for days. Though, The ending that Riley’s novel provides, felt, unlike anything I have read before. Even the most Avid horror/thriller readers will fail to predict it.

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