Top 5 Halloween Reads For A Spooky Night

Grab A Cup Of Coffee, A Warm Blanket, And These Top 5 Halloween Reads That Will Leave You Unable To Sleep at Night.

I have compiled a list of 10 Halloween reads, perfect to read in the month of October.

1) Home Before Dark By Riley Sager

home before dark by riley sager

Halloween season called for a reread of this novel. A book that provides jump scares, a chilling atmosphere, and a thrilling end.


Maggie hold is 25 years of age. And she is a person who flips houses and sells them for a living.

When she was 5, Her parents moved into baneberry hall, only to flee 20 days later with clothes on their backs. Later Maggie’s father published a memoir talking about the supernatural happenings that occurred in the mansion.

Maggie’s memories are blurred from the event. But she clearly thinks it to be a bogus story. So she returns to the mansion, only to find unhidden truths and secrets that no one but baneberry hall is aware of.
The end of this is unlike anything I have come across. This book packs twists and turns throughout. It is better for horror/thriller readers alike due to the chilling atmosphere the author creates. Lovers of the ‘haunting of the hill house’ would want to read this book.

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2) The Burning Girls By C. J. Tudor, Halloween Reads:-

The Burning Girls By C. J. Tudor

This novel essentially follows Reverend Brooks and her daughter as they move into a small town. Wanting a fresh start, this mother-daughter duo had no idea about the sinister past of Chapel Croft village. They aren’t aware that the vicar of the place had died of suicide. Not only that, but the town has a history of the haunting of the protestants martyrs that died almost 500 years ago. they are not aware that the one standing opposite them will be the most influential family in the entire town. Nor are they aware that they would start seeing burning girls in the city.

The Burning Girls by C. J. Tudor was released on February 9th, 2021. It takes place in Chapel Croft, a little village with a dark and sinister past. When you throw in some unique characters, you’ve got yourself a must-read for horror and mystery fans equally.

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3) The Death Of Jane Lawrence By Caitlin Starling:-

The death of Jane Lawrence By Caitlyn Starling

Jane Shoringfield did not expect fear on Augustus Lawrence’s face. When she proposed to him for marriage, she did not expect that he would look harried and bewildered.

Nor did she expect a locked crypt and a haunted house to be her reality after she got married.
And well, she didn’t know that her soon-to-be husband has a dead ex-wife, who will haunt her every time she enters the Lindridge manor.

This is one of the books that I chose to read and review before Halloween. It was engrossing, Albeit a little weird around the edges. With Blackmagic and a dark romance, it is perfect for readers who are looking for an old-fashioned horror this Halloween.

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4) The Turn Of The Key By Ruth Ware:-

The turn of the key

Secluded home, devilish children, creepy house, and eerie atmosphere. What else would I want more from a thriller?. Rowan (our main character) stumbles upon an advertisement that is Too good to be true. A job as a live-in nanny, With handsome pay and a beautiful house. who would say no right? so she accepts the offer. Have you ever wondered what will happen when weird things start to ensue, Resulting in a child’s death?

This book has thriller elements along with horror. It provides a realistic edge, and the end is tragic which was unexpected. Even the most avid mystery/ thriller/ horror readers would not be able to predict the end. The atmospheric feel was another plus while reading this book.


5) In My Dreams I Hold A Knife By Ashley Winstead, Best Halloween Reads:-

in my dreams i hold a knife by ashley windtead

The East House 7 was a group notorious for getting into trouble. They are popular for their friendship and their loyalty toward each other. Heather was one of them. The bold one with the too big forehead. Unfortunately, she is also the one who died.

Students accused Jack, her boyfriend during the time. He was called a murderer. Except, It’s been a decade since the incident. And Eric, Heather’s brother has not stopped investigating the case.

These friends who were supposed to be close were hiding secrets from each other. A college reunion will open the can of worms and it will finally reveal the one behind the case.

This is more of a mystery/thriller. But even then, it has unlikeable characters that will put the best of horrors to shame. With an unsettling plot and fast-paced writing, this book is thrilling and entertaining. Just get yourself a hot chocolate mug and read the night away. This book will not disappoint.


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